I'm completely redesigning it...and it will come back better than ever.

You're not chasing goals. You're chasing a feeling. Start there, babe. Radically change your life by asking: How do I want to feel?

I want you to imagine the possibilities...

What if you could live in total alignment with your core self? You can.

What if you deeply understood that you're worthy, that you're enough? You will.  

What if you called your power back to you in a way that lights up the world? It's your time. You're ready for this. 

You're ready to release what's stuck and let go of what's holding you back. You're ready to release the fear that keeps you spinning in an endless sprint of achievements. You're ready to live your life from a soulful, heart-centered energy.

You wouldn't be here if you weren't ready, doll. 

If in this moment you feel excited, curious, and even a bit nervous...it means you're ready to discover your Core Desired Feelings. That's your soul is speaking to you. She's been waiting for you. 

This work is Gail’s calling, without a doubt. She is the perfect facilitator because she’s simultaneously powerful, intuitive, delicate, and sensitive. The fear and shame I let go of during this retreat was life changing. I truly believe I am reborn and on fire. My life will ever be the same. The Desire Map was the missing piece for me.
— April Dawn Benincosa, Founder of Bellicosa Beauty

Align Coaching Program Outcomes


  • Clarity. 
    • You will leave having discovered your unique Core Desired Feelings. As The Desire Map author Danielle LaPorte says, "Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity you can have."
  • Permission. 
    • If you're not yet living a life you love, a life you created on your own terms...then something is holding you back. You will leave fully empowered to give your dreams permission to manifest. Without guilt. Without shame. Without apology.
  • Freedom. 
    • You will begin living your new life with the knowledge that you are aligned, centered, and in pure flow. Your Core Desired Feelings guide you to say yes, to say no, to create the life you want to live. Liberation is yours for the taking.
I’ve never worked with a more talented and intuitive facilitator. I was watching Gail do her life’s work and it gave me chills. Gail knows how to take just what you need to learn from your head, place it in your heart, and then imprint it into your cells. If you are ready to be pushed, challenged, and up-leveled to your big, bright life, Gail is your person.
— Allison Walsh, Founder of The Wild Flower Uprising

Align Coaching Program Outline

The Align coaching program is structured around Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map framework.  It runs 4 weeks with 9 modules, including 2 live coaching calls. You have lifetime access to the online program materials, including all call replays. You also have lifetime access to the private Facebook community I facilitate, offered exclusively to people in this program.

DATE TBA:  Session #1: Welcome + Goals with Soul
DATE TBA:  Session #2: Gratitude + Dissatisfaction
DATE TBA:  Session #3: Assessing 5 Lifestyle Categories
DATE TBA:  LIVE CALL: Sunday, 9:00 a.m. PT - replay link provided
DATE TBA:  Session #5: Desire Mapping, part one
DATE TBA:  Session #6: Break It Down
DATE TBA:  Session #7: Desire Mapping, part two
DATE TBA:  LIVE CALL: Sunday, 9:00 a.m. PT - replay link provided
DATE TBA:  Session #9: Your Sacred Contract + Experiment with Joy

Forever:  Lifetime access to the program materials, call replay links, and our private Facebook community.

Gail’s attention, energy, and amazing questions helped me discover answers I couldn’t access on my own. Gail is full of so much love. She’s a shaman who shines her light and shares her unique magic with each person at the retreat. It’s already changing my life. We need more women like Gail who are willing to connect deeply. If you ever get a chance, work with her!
— Angie Andrews, Founder of Angie Andrews Inspires
Gail has absolute integrity and I can’t recommend her highly enough. From the communication to the professional feel of the program, I always felt Gail created and maintained a container in which I was safe. It was the space I needed to discover my Core Desired Feelings and they’ve given me the power to change my life.
— Nicola Vincent

Align Coaching Program Objectives

  • Create a sacred space, a container for your soul's work. 

  • Dive in to the concepts of gratitude & dissatisfaction, learning how they're critical to creating your best life. 

  • Meditate. Breathe. Rest. You deserve time for yourself, time to do this work. Give yourself that gift.

  • Identify areas in your life that feel the way you want them to feel and areas that leave you feeling stuck. We explore five categories: Lifestyle + Livelihood, Creativity + Learning, Body + Wellness, Relationships + Society, Essence + Spirituality.

  • Flip the script on endless to-do lists and everything you've been taught about goal setting. No more striving. No more. 

  • Surrender your fear, your guilt, your shame. Surrender it all. Say NO. Say YES. Begin guiding yourself with your Core Desired Feelings. Begin doing whatever you need to do to live your life on your terms. 

  • Discover your Core Desired Feelings. You will give yourself permission to ask (and to answer): How Do I Want To Feel? Your Core Desired Feelings are a soulful guidance system; by far the most revolutionary focus you can adopt to catalyze your best life. You will leave with your Core Desired Feelings in hand, and in heart.

  • Celebrate. Because liberation is pretty damn exciting.

I flew from San Francisco to Salt Lake City, having never met Gail but knowing I needed to work with her. She was exactly what I hoped she’d be. I now have permission, in a very direct way, to make big decisions for myself. It’s as if she’s given me a road map for everything I do. Permission! I’ve already said to myself, ‘Oh nope, can’t/won’t do that because it’s not aligned with my core desires.” Permission is a beautiful thing!
— Anne Boswell
I’ve already noticed differences in me, how people see and relate to me. Re-writing my story has been overwhelming the past few years. Now it finally seems achievable! I felt a great connection to Gail and the other women in the program. Gail’s teaching style absolutely made this course. She helped me dig in and stick with it, which hasn’t been the case with other online programs.
— Valerie Gale

The Power of Core Desired Feelings

Core Desired Feelings are the transformative framework of Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map. Core Desired Feelings are your catalyst to begin living the life you want to live, like deep down in your soul want to live. They are your clarity, permission, and freedom. 

My dream looks like this, exploring the world with a backpack and a laptop. Whatever your dream looks like, we'll get you there. Core Desired Feelings are your foundation.

My dream looks like this, exploring the world with a backpack and a laptop. Whatever your dream looks like, we'll get you there. Core Desired Feelings are your foundation.

Think: Goals with soul.

Because you're not chasing the goal itself. You're chasing a feeling. You're chasing the feeling you hope to have when you reach the goal. So instead, pause and ask yourself: 


This a paradigm shift, a game changer. The Desire Map flips the script on goal setting and teaches you how to feel the way you want to feel every single day. Your whole journey begins to feel the way you want the destination to feel.

My radical transformation:

After I moved through The Desire Map and discovered my Core Desired Feelings, I left my 15-year university career, lost over 100 lbs, sold everything I owned, and rebuilt my entire life on my terms. Oh, and I also bought a one-way ticket to Bali. I now travel around the world indefinitely and earn a living doing what I love most: facilitating deep, structural, radical change.

Gali is a spiritual guru. She practices what she preaches and is so well-read in this field. Gail is committed to helping people dig deep. This Desire Map retreat cracked open hearts and minds because of her razor sharp ability to assess the needs of the group. She encourages a warm, safe, inviting space by connecting so personally with each woman. She lit a fire in all of us!
— Liz Robinson Rich
This Desire Map coaching program was a life-changing investment in myself. The support of other women was so meaningful. There’s such power in declaring my CDF’s to others, even if they start out as complete strangers!
— Amy Reed Trebella, Owner of Bozeman Retreats / West Side Loft

A few words about your coach



I facilitate clarity, permission, freedom, and holistic health.
I liberate women who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

For 33 years I was misaligned, living my life based on rules I didn't create. I was an overachieving stress case addicted to external validation. I toughed it out, I sucked it up, I did what good girls are "supposed" to do. I was miserable. Real talk. 

After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid + adrenals, I'd had enough. I began to deconstruct my life and rebuild it on my terms. Within one year I sold everything I owned, lost over 100 lbs, left my 15-year university career, launched my business, and booked a one-way ticket to Bali. I'm now traveling the world working with women like you who are also sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, women who are ready to radically change their lives. 

My Core Desired Feelings: I am wild, magical, supple, and luminous.

Read more about my professional credentials + my story of healing.


Would you prefer to work with me in private 1:1 coaching sessions? Imagine it: Just you and me. Undivided attention paid to your core desires. I'm ready if you are... get all the details HERE.


The beautiful thing about The Desire Map process is that every facilitator approaches it from their own unique perspective, integrating their unique story. There is room for all of us who are called to lead this work. If you want to lead your own soulful retreats (or fold Desire Map into your existing coaching, counseling, or yoga business): Follow this link to learn more about The Desire Map Licensing Program* 

Read powerful testimonials from people who've worked through the Desire Map process;  everyone from Shailene Woodley to Kris Carr,  Michael Bernard Beckwith to Gabrielle Bernstein, to Kate Swoboda and Gala Darling. It's powerful stuff. 

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