It’s people like Gail that share their power of example that really help people new to this path, help them see that their YES is coming. For that, Gail is so awesome, so gorgeous.
— Gabby Bernstein, Spirit Junkie Masterclass
For someone who loves the work of both Danielle LaPorte and Gabrielle Bernstein, Gail’s Awaken e-course was perfect. I would like to repeat the course every six weeks or so to keep myself aligned and focused.”
— Nicola Vincent
I flew from San Francisco to Salt Lake City, having never met Gail but knowing I needed to work with her. She was exactly what I hoped she’d be. Gail is kind, welcoming, honest, fun, supportive, and celebrated each of us at every turn. Her easygoing style and ability to be present with each of us individually was very powerful. I love her magical energy.
— Anne Boswell
I’ve never worked with a more talented and intuitive facilitator. I was watching Gail do her life’s work and it gave me chills. The experience was profound. Gail knows how to take just what you need to learn from your head, place it in your heart, and then imprint it into your cells. If you are ready to be pushed, challenged, and up-leveled to your big, bright life, Gail is your person.
— Allison Walsh, Chief Cultivator at The Wildflower Uprising
Gail is a vulnerable, caring woman. Her Awaken course is short and sweet, but makes a big impact. It changed my life! I am happy, consistently happy, and not committing to things I feel I “should” do. I’ve realigned with my true self creatively and I’m reawakening my spirituality, Gail’s encouragement to experiment with small, joyful steps has stirred up major changes!
— Mykella Van Cooten
I’m starting to re-wire my brain and heart around feeling-centric goal setting. This is so helpful as a successful business owner to ensure my business is sustainable for the long run! Gail is an amazing coach and so insightful. She gently challenged me to move beyond my comfort zone, to grow myself, and to live a more inspired, joyful life.
— Emily Dreblow, Owner of Soulflower Design Studio
My life is forever changed because of this course, I now give myself permission to follow my desires unapologetically. I love Gail’s writing style. She simply knows how to strike a chord with people. It left me transformed. I plan to revisit my core desires regularly and allow everything I do from this point on to be designed with these in mind.
— Amy Trebella, Owner of Bozeman Retreats / West Side Loft
Gail skillfully lead me to discoveries that were remarkable. I felt comfortable being vulnerable with her, she felt like a friend over the phone. Her open and nonjudgmental vibe softened my initial nerves. There was such a great balance between humor and good work. She helped me find answers to questions I’ve been posing to myself for quite some time.
— Samuel Jones, Founder of Spiritual BFF
This work is Gail’s calling, without a doubt. She is the perfect facilitator because she’s simultaneously powerful, intuitive, delicate, and sensitive. The fear and shame I let go of during this retreat was life changing. I truly believe I am reborn and on fire. My life will ever be the same. The Desire Map was the missing piece for me.
— April Dawn Benincosa, Founder of Bellacosa Beauty
Gail’s attention, energy, and amazing questions helped me to discover answers I couldn’t access on my own. Gail is full of so much love. She’s a shaman who shines her light and shares her unique brand of magic with each person at the retreat. It’s already changing my life. We need more women like Gail who are willing to connect more deeply. If you ever have a chance, work with her!
— Angie Andrews, Founder of Angie Andrews Inspires
Gail’s personal story and the way she weaves is through her coaching work, is very powerful, very credible. Gail has lived this transformational journey and should have the trust of others embarking on this journey themselves. Her facilitation style is authentic, thoughtful, caring, and supportive.
— Mary Migliorelli
Gali is a spiritual guru. She practices what she preaches and is so well-read in this field. It’s clear Gail is committed to helping people dig deep. This Desire Map retreat cracked open hearts and minds because of her razor sharp ability to assess the needs of the group. She encourages a warm, safe, inviting space by connecting so personally with each woman. She lit a fire in all of us!
— Liz Rich
I appreciate how articulate Gail is and how skillfully she lead me through the Desire Map process. She’s knowledgable and well read. I loved all of the supplemental resources she brought to our sessions. She listens well and I felt like she “got me” from the very beginning. Even though there is a process to her work, it felt like Gail created it just for me; it’s the sign of a skillful coach. She knows exactly when to push and when to ease up and let the process unfold.
— Taffra Mayo
I always felt that to focus on self was selfish. I now see it as nourishing oneself so as to better love, nourish, and serve those around us. This realization came because of Gail’s very calm and loving demeanor. She’s very patient, a clear communicator, and all the women felt safe with Gail. I especially appreciated her empathy toward each of us and was touched to hear genuinely emotional responses from her. I told her this and I’ll tell everyone: Gail has found her life’s calling.
— Charis Mariger
Gail’s facilitation style is phenomenal, so unique and powerful. She uses the right amount of probing questions and tough love. I felt such a personal connection to her because she relates to my feelings of being overworked, tired, and missing my spark! She stirred something inside of me and I felt more alive than I had in a long time.
— Arianne Prina King
Working with Gail, I felt heard and supported on the journey to get to the core of what I wanted. I loved the questions she asked to get deeper into the core of my feelings. She really helped me get in touch with what was really going on with choices I’ve made in my life. I’m already apologizing less, taking time to write, and making different choices in who I spend time with. She dove deep with me and I feel such a sense of worthiness and permission.
— Susan Dirr
susan dirr_round.jpeg
I finally released pain that was stuck and has been stuck for so many years. Gail is a talented and experienced facilitator! She has the ability to completely transform people with her gifts of intuition and sensitivity. While there was clearly an outline for her process, it was Gail’s flexibility in working with people individually, weaving in her own life experiences, and staying committed to us the entire time that made the weekend so transformative.
— Rachelle Miles
My entire Desire Map experience was luxurious, safe, sacred, and perfect. Gail’s facilitation was intimate and allowed me to be vulnerable. She held space to let me have the breakthroughs that I really needed. Gail lives her truth. She has transformed her life because she became clear about how she wanted to feel. She opened a world where I’m no longer chasing accomplishments, but opening my heart to the magic of feeling how I want to feel.
— D'Arcy Benincosa, Founder of D'Arcy Benincosa Photography
Gail gave me permission to stop holding myself accountable for choices I thought were right for me 20 years ago. This was a spot on game changer. The day after the workshop, I resigned from my job. This was already brewing in discussions with my spouse, but my Core Desired Feelings gave me the courage to do it! I am now aware of my feelings and in touch in a way I’ve never been before.
— Diana George
Initially I was scared knowing I would analyze big changes I needed in my life. Gail’s facilitation - her vulnerability, bravery, and support - made the process safe. She is such a talented leader. I loved the comforting, but still challenging, space she created for us. My biggest takeaway is that I’m in more control of my life and how I want to feel than I ever believed I was.
— Heather Lewis
The experience was absolutely mind bending and life changing! I can’t help but spread the joy of my Core Desired Feelings and also of Gail’s facilitation of my experience. I immediately began utilizing the tools she gave me. Every day now I’m doing what my spirit tells me. I’m really listening! I am mindfully making choices that will feed my soul in my day-to-day.
— Ginger
My Desire Map experience with Gail was epic. If anyone wants inspiration and guidance that absolutely lights up their life, this goddess is your guide. I recommend what she does with all my heart.
— Edon Harward
Gail led this exercise where she coached each woman individually with the support of the whole group listening. This helped me draw closer to each amazing woman and also realize I wasn’t alone in my struggles. My life has already changed so much! When feel negative emotions overtake me - stress, anxiety, fear - I breathe and remember my CDFs. It’s helped me discover who I am. That connection has been missing from my life.
— Alaura Robinson
What helped me move forward most was Gail’s facilitation style and expertise. She’s thoughtful, supportive, and insightful. I feel more clear, optimistic, and energetic than I’ve felt in months. If the notion of setting goals based on how you want to FEEL rather than what you’re “supposed to do” resonates with you - if you’re even a bit curious about it - you should work with Gail!
— Polly Patterson

Do you want this same clarity, permission, and freedom? It's time for you to have your own Desire Map experience. You're so ready, babe.


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