1:1 Desire Map Coaching

1:1 Desire Map Coaching

from 150.00


($150) Single 60-min Desire Map Kickstart session

($450) Package of three 60-min Desire Map Experience sessions

I'm ready to invest in a life I love!

Imagine a Desire Map retreat...all to yourself! Customized support, undivided attention, all about your and your biggest dreams. The 3 sessions in Level 1 bring you to your Core Desired Feelings. After completing Level 1, you can choose to carry on with 3 sessions additional sessions in Level 2. Level 2 gives you the tools and resources to integrate Core Desired Feelings into your day-to-day life. 

After your payment is submitted, use the link below to schedule your session. If you purchased a 3-session package, we'll schedule your future sessions at the end of our first call. For now, get that first call on the calendar...

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