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Four Tips From Road Warriors Who Quit Their Jobs To Travel The World

I was featured in Megan Snedden's article alongside other corporate drop outs who chose a life of long-term travel. "If you're supposed to travel, you know it. I'm my truest self when I'm in motion."

Watch the interview  on Vimeo  © 2015 Second Breaks

Watch the interview on Vimeo © 2015 Second Breaks

Quitting a 15-Year Career For a Series of Adventures: An Interview with Lou Blaser at Second Breaks

In my interview with host Lou Blaser we discuss the excitement of entrepreneur life...and:

  • Why goal setting should begin with core desired feelings.
  • The way our bodies get our attention and tell us that our work (or relationship or food) is misaligned from our soul.
  • How I'm redefining adventure and why I think everyone  could more adventurous in their own way.
  • Words of wisdom if it's time to leave your j.o.b.
  • We also geek out about travel and all things wanderlust. Because obviously. 

Read the full interview  here . © 2016 Be My Travel Muse 

Read the full interview here. © 2016 Be My Travel Muse 

How Traveling with a Chronic Illness Helped Me to Heal

Kristin Addis created Be My Travel Muse and inspires thousands of people to take solo adventures around the world. It was such an honor to talk to her about traveling with Hashimoto's. 


My Adventures Traveling with the Goddess: An Interview on Goddess Alive Radio

More so than any other interview I've done, I let my spiritual flag fly in this conversation with Kimberly F. Moore, Founder of Motherhouse of the Goddess. The woo woo is in full effect as we discuss lunar cycles and crystals, Hashimoto's, adventure as healing, travel plans, core desired feelings, and why living off-grid in Latvia changed my life. 

Listen to the interview  here  © 2015 Life Interrupted Radio

Listen to the interview here © 2015 Life Interrupted Radio

Transform Your Life With One Question: An interview on Life Interrupted Radio

In my interview with radio host Sharon Sayler, we discuss:

  • Your misalignments and stuck points are actually divine treasure maps that point to your greatest transformation opportunities.

  • The Desire Map creates a new paradigm for goal setting: You're not chasing the goal, the achievement, the outcome. You're chasing the feeling you hope to have when you get there. 

  • You have permission to feel the way you want feel. No one needs to give that permission to you. You are allowed to say "yes" and "no" based entirely on how you feel. Own that.

  • UPDATE:  I was also featured on Sharon's "Best of" show, all about thriving with autoimmunity! Check it out here!

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