Are you a seeker? Do you want to play big and go deep?
do you always want...more? yeah, you do. it's time. 

Welcome home, love.


endless wanderlust

My greatest passions in life are travel + storytelling. I'm blissful when I'm in motion. My ideal life requires freedom, adventure, and passion. This is the year I quit my 15-year career to travel long-term! Life is too short.

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Core desired feelings

The Desire Map radically changed my life. I'm on a soulful mission to help you radically change yours. My 15-years of experience as an educator + consultant are now dedicated to you designing a life you love. Are you ready?

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e-course + group coaching

As I create my location-independent lifestyle and online business, my in-person events are transitioning into an online e-course + group coaching program. Stay tuned!

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who am i?

My name is gail. I'm a traveler + storyteller. I’m a Coach + Fire Starter in the soulful Desire Map revolution. I'm on a mission to show you how radically your life can change when it's designed around how you most want to feel. 

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private 1:1 coaching

You have big dreams and you long for epic adventures. You deserve undivided attention and support. You deserve a coach who's been there...and done it!  

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You deserve it. That thing that scares you, excites you more than anything else ever has. That.

You deserve it. Clarity. Knowing how you most want to feel, deep in your core want to feel.

You deserve it. Permission. Tear down paradigms that no longer serve you. Live life on your terms.

You deserve it. Freedom. Financial, spiritual, emotional freedom to take up space.  Liberation is your birthright.

You deserve it. Health, vitality, energy, mind-blowing sex, strength, solid sleep,  nourishing food, and then some. 

You deserve it. To earn a living doing something that turns you on and lights up the world. 

You deserve it. Feel the way you want to feel every single day. No apologies. Your joy serves everyone around you.

You deserve it. All of it. 

Join me. We'll travel this road together. The adventures we choose may look different, but all paths lead to liberation.