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Life Interrupted: A radio interview.

Before I boarded my one-way flight to Bali, I was interviewed by Sharon Sayler on her radio show Life Interrupted. Sharon's show is all about giving you tools that help you thrive after the unexpected happens in your life (whatever that may be). 

Look at it this way - it's basically a free coaching session! We covered a lot of ground in our 40 minutes together. Listen in now...

Are we there yet? Staying grounded in The Now.

The problem is in thinking... "it's so so close" as opposed to knowing... "it's all happening right now." 

I don't wanna blow your mind, man, but it's all here now. Like right now. My obsession with The Destination has been so totally misguided. This fixation is why I'm feeling off kilter. I'm traveling right now. I'm living out of my backpack right now. I'm a self-employed online entrepreneur right now. I'm in it. It's time to finally check in.