Are we there yet? Staying grounded in The Now.

Are we there yet? Staying grounded in The Now.

It's time for me to practice what I preach. I teach my clients how to make the entire journey feel the way they want the destination to feel. As of late, my energy is hypocritically spinning out somewhere just in front of myself. It's causing me to think a lot about the meaning of: "Are we there yet?"

I'm so so close to launching out of LAX with my one-way ticket to Bali. I feel like I quit my job two years ago, even though it's only been seven weeks. I sold my couches and bed and dresser and clothes and shoes and books and kitchen gear and and and... I handed the condo keys to my tenant. I gave the car keys to the new owner. I shlepped my backpack on a train through the High Sierras and down the California coast. I'm spending time at the grandparents' place, swimming in the ocean almost daily, eating dinner at 4:30pm so we don't miss Jeopardy at 6:00pm, and wrestling with their near-dial-up-speeds wifi.

I'm still purging the 46L backpack. I'm second guessing all my toiletry choices. I sent my fancy camera home to be sold and replaced it with a tiny GoPro 1/8th the size. I designed and launched a free e-course that I'm very proud of. I was interviewed on Life Interrupted Radio and featured on Lightworker Nation. I'm not lacking for things to hold my attention, but...

Even though I'm so so close to the epic adventure I've spent years obsessing over and working so close to All Of It...I've been feeling something ...weird ...just ...I dunno ...imbalanced, maybe? I think I figured it out though.

The problem is in thinking... "it's so so close" as opposed to knowing... "it's all happening right now." 


I don't wanna blow your mind, man, but it's all here now. Like right now. My obsession with The Destination has been so totally misguided. This fixation is why I'm feeling off kilter. I'm traveling right now. I'm living out of my backpack right now. I'm a self-employed online entrepreneur right now. I'm in it. It's time to finally check in. I've let myself believe I'm in an ill-defined between space, that I'll feel magical when I get to Bali, that my wildness is waiting on the other side of my 26-hour flight. Not true. 

How often do we give away our power by assigning our happiness to The Destination?

It's time for me to follow the advice I give to my clients: Commit to a series of small right actions every day that will make you feel the way you want to feel (i.e. my core desired feelings are magical, wild, supple, and luminous). I'll share with you the Pull It Together, Woman! speech I'm giving myself right now. It's a quickie with only three bullets. Take what benefits you, leave what doesn't. Feel free to jump in the comments and offer other suggestions as to how you recenter yourself in the present moment.

Get back in my body

Anxiety is the result of letting our mind spin out into the future tense. We're not there yet, we don't know what it looks like, we can't control it...of course we're going to be anxious. Anything I can do to bring myself back into my body - and get out of my head - is going to center me. The ocean is my numero uno. Other ways I enjoy are walking, writing, meditation (but only with my mala beads so my body has something to focus on), massage, and a deep belly breath with my eyes closed. It's so simple, I know, but it only works if you work it. 


List three things you're grateful for in this exact moment...and sometimes the simpler the better. My nascent suntan, how soft my cotton dress is, the ocean breeze coming through the open windows. I could've said "I'm grateful for the delicious dinner we're planning tonight" but that's future tense. I could've said "I'm grateful for the perfect parking spot at the beach" but that was this morning. To bring yourself into the present moment, express gratitude for things immediate. 

"It's already happening" 

Lather, rinse, repeat out nine times a day. Maybe 12.

Love + lots of now,


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