Living an Outrageously Open Life

I'm a completely different person than I was eight months ago and it's Tosha Silver's fault.

I barely recognize myself at this point, but more on that later. For now, one particular catalyst I want to share with you is the idea of living an outrageously open life. A little book called Outrageous Openness - that I devoured in three quick hours on a rainy Saturday afternoon - shifted my entire way of being. Not just thinking, being. I'm fortunate enough to fly to Oakland next week to see Tosha Silver speak live! I honestly feel like I'm making a pilgrimage to a guru.

What does it mean to live an outrageously open life? It means you want what you want with all your heart, you work toward it every day, and then you let it go.

It goes beyond Buddhist non-attachment, however. Outrageous Openness is a very conscious, intentional act of handing your desires to the Divine...knowing you'll be led exactly where you need to go...knowing the outcome is already selected for you (and is likely better than what you had planned for yourself)...knowing you're simply catching up with a Divine plan that is larger than you and your ego.

Oh, ego. Hello, my old friend. I absolutely know that one of the ways I fried my body, pushed her into a state of autoimmunity, and ended up with Hashimoto's was allowing a severe imbalance between my masculine and feminine energy. Misalignments in our soul eventually manifest negatively in our body. That much is true. Believe me, I learned it the hard way. It's also true that for a good 18 years of my life I pushed,  controlled, and pursued. I most definitely did not allow flow, ease, and divine guidance. I lived in a masculine energy from my high-stress career, to the way I showed up in romantic relationships, to purchasing my first home and moving all during a grad school finals week. Go go do do...control strive control...ego ego ego. "Why would I turn anything over to the Divine? What a waste of time. I got this..." said previous, misaligned, sick, exhausted, hyper-masculine gail. 

There's nothing wrong with masculine energy, to be clear. It's beautiful. It's necessary. I find it quite sexy. It's externally proactive and gets shit done quickly. It also needs to be balanced with the divine feminine. Enter Tosha...

Enter the concept of Outrageous Openness. Enter this period in my life in which I'm working every day toward some of the most massive dreams I've ever tackled. Enter a totally new me, aligned with a flow like nothing I've ever experienced. Opportunities for travel are being handed to me. Opportunities to publish my writing are falling in my lap. Dreams that I've been nursing for years are coming to fruition in a matter of weeks. It's insane and it also makes perfect sense. I got the hell out of my own way. I want what I want with all my heart. I work toward it every day. I let it go. I tell The Universe that I'm open, I'm ready, let's do this...surprise me. Co-creation. I'm literally co-creating my ideal life with a force far more powerful than any masculine mojo I was bringing to the table. 

Tosha is launching the tour for her second book, Change Me Prayers, in Oakland on 19 May. When I pre-ordered the book I got a message saying I was one of the first 100 people to do so, which meant I was invited to the live launch at the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living. On a total whim, laying in bed half asleep, squinting at my bright iPhone, I booked an Airbnb and a Delta flight immediately. Done. Off we go!

Let me tell you something: The magic that flooded into my life from that moment forward is nearly impossible to describe. I thought reading the book blew my world wide open...but something in The Universe shifted when I made the commitment to show up. Show up for an outrageously open life. Show up for the message of the Change Me Prayers. Show up literally with a flight to Oakland and my smiling face in a sea of adoring fans at the launch. 

A few teasers as to what has rushed into my life once I stepped fully into this world of outrageous openness: 

I've committed to a date to leave behind my 15-year career.

I'm going to New York City to become a Gabby Bernstein-certified Spirit Junkie Master Coach.

I'm going to Bali for an Inner Goddess Retreat. I'm trance dancing and journeying with a shaman through divine archetypes and probably sweating more than I've ever sweat in my entire life.

I was invited by Viking River Cruises to travel through Thailand and Myanmar for two weeks, sailing the Irrawaddy River and publishing my writing on The Avid Cruiser site.

I'm going to Costa Rica with eight other intrepid creatives to workshop our travel writing and photography with Christine Gilbert, 2014 National Geographic Traveler of the Year and powerhouse behind Almost Fearless.

I kid you not, folks, every one of those life-changing opportunities showed up in the flow of my new life after I booked that ticket to Oakland. So yes, trust me when I recommend that you read Outrageous Openness and pre-order Change Me Prayers. It's magical. Don't ask questions. Just watch what happens when you shift your energy. Want what you want with all your heart, work hard, then hand it over. 

Love + wide open lives,

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