12 New Year Rituals, Day 10 :: WISDOM

{no.10 in a 12-part series on new year's rituals, inspired by this MindBodyGreen article}

ritual for january 10: wisdom

Read inspirational books, talk to an elder, mentor someone, honor your inner wisdom and pay attention to your intuition. (original article)

Today was full of goddesses, wise wise goddesses. Today's ritual was simply to spend time and feel gratitude. Short and sweet. 

Every three weeks or so I meet with a group of women to discuss The Desire Map, our Core Desired Feelings, and our progress toward epic dreams. Today there were two new women who joined us. It was the perfect reminder of why I'm drawn to this work. I'd never met these women before and yet our conversation felt like we'd been friends for years. So much wisdom, so much beautiful intuition, such feminine energy. I loved it. Asking + answering how you most want to feel within two minutes of meeting someone is a sure way to cut through the small talk I hate so much. It made me very excited to facilitate my Desire Map workshop next Friday.

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Speaking of my Desire Map workshop, I have an inner circle of girlfriends supporting me as I launch this new business adventure. We have a group text thread going that is one of the most affirming, inspiring things I've ever exprienced. Each week we pick a different friend to focus on. Think meditations on her behalf, words of encouragement, holding space for her to receive whatever it is she's working toward at the moment. It's beautiful. And wise. We all understand that when women gather in support of each other and in honor of living their best life, The Universe rallies behind that. Without a doubt.  

Gratitude. Gratitude for the wisdom of women. That's all.


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