12 New Year Rituals, Day 12 :: GRATITUDE

{no.12 in a 12-part series on new year's rituals, inspired by this MindBodyGreen article}

ritual for january 12: gratitude

Bless everything you have, including your body. Send notes of appreciation to friends and family members; see how many times you can say "thank you" to the universe for the many blessings you have in life. (original article)

Perfect. This is such a perfect way to wrap up my 12 days of new year rituals. Being grateful, and expressing that gratitude clearly, energetically opens us up to receive more of what we're grateful for. On that note, and in a sneaky summary of each of these beautiful rituals, I want to say "thank you" to The Universe...

I am thankful for the moments of clarity when I remember to simply stop and breathe

I am thankful for the love I have in my life, in all forms. I'm particularly grateful these days for all of the strong, powerful, gorgeous women that surround me. I'm now building the tribe I've always wanted.

I am thankful for every chance I have to renew, clear, cleanse, start over, scrap it, change my mind, and start again. It's a privilege and I'm grateful for it. 

I am thankful for the effects of essential oils in my life. I'm happier. I'm healthier. I smell pretty. On a related note, I'm grateful for the many opportunities I have to travel and experience the sights and smells of cities all over the world. 

I am thankful for music, including my crazy random taste in music. I'm grateful that I know when to stop working so damn hard and invite a dance break.


I am thankful for meditation, my Core Desired Feeling, and my belief that something is sacred because I say it is. 

I am thankful for my hard-won ability to say no without guilt. It boils down to my belief that I'm worth it. If something isn't serving me or aligning with my Core Desired Feeling...then no.

I am thankful for my Hashimoto's diagnosis. I'm grateful I finally figured out how to take care of my body. I am grateful for a universal power far stronger than me that has supported me through one of the most transformative, challenging, profound times in my life. 

I am thankful for my highly creative nature. I've finally owned my gypsy artist's soul and set her free. This has significant implications for my life and career, but that genie is out of the bottle now....so here we go!

I am thankful for the divine wisdom of women. Goddesses. I have so many goddesses in my life. 

I am thankful that "huge sums of money flow to me rapidly, abundantly and effortlessly. I am truly needed and my talents, services and products are always in great demand." I'm at the start of something awesome with my budding Desire Map business (and so much more in the works)!

I am thankful for each and every person who spends even a moment on this website. It sounds cheesy, but it really does mean a lot to me. I hope you find even a nugget of something that helps you design a life you're totally in love with. 

Love + so much to be thankful for,

P.S. What are you thankful for? Trust me, when you speak it...you'll attract more of it. Let it fly.

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