It's so much more than a backpack.

It's a manifestation of my Core Desired Feelings.

Cheesiest smile ever? Probably. 

Cheesiest smile ever? Probably. 

Guess what arrived in the mail today?! Now begins the work of minimizing my life, currently occupying a 1,200 square foot condo, into a 46L Osprey travel pack. That cheesy face you see in the cliche bathroom mirror selfie is a potent cocktail of excited and scared. Mostly I'm riding the wave of emotion that came over me when I put it on my back for the first time. One of my Core Desired Feelings is FREE...and you guys, I think I found it.

It was also an emotional experience because it reminded me of the brave, powerful women I've worked with thus far in my coaching biz. Traveling longterm is my dream and every registration to my group workshop offering gets me one step closer to living my dream full on. But even still, it's so so much more than that. Every workshop registration signals to The Universe that that woman is serious about her dreams, she's willing to take risks, and she's well on her way to designing a life she's totally in love with.

It took me nearly 34 years to let go of all the "should..." and "responsible girls don't..." and general malaise of inauthentic bullshit that was keeping me from living the life I actually wanted to live. Not anymore. The Desire Map blew that wide open and I want to help you blow the possibilities wide open in your own life.

It's time. If you read any portion of this post with a grin on your face, or a flutter in your's time, love.

Stay tuned as I share my journey of minimizing and purging and simplifying and preparing my life to travel longterm! This is the year, folks. This is the year. 


Bless the Mess. Let it go. You're more free than you realize.

Control. Yours for the taking.