Living from your heart: A guest post from Vicky at Lightworker Nation

Living from your heart: A guest post from Vicky at Lightworker Nation

I'm sharing a special post today, an article written by my friend and fellow Spirit Junkie, Vicky auf de Mauer. This week Vicky launched her life's work onto the world wide web and it's time to celebrate! Lightworker Nation has officially come to fruition! You can read more about Lightworker Nation in Vicky's bio at the end of the post. For now...Vicky wrote an article just for our Series of Adventures community, sharing gorgeous wisdom about how you can shift from living in your head to living in your heart. 

This transition from head to heart - which in my case was a radical transformation to say the least - will change your life in such profound and deep ways. I promise you. If you've been following my writing, you know that one year ago when I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Hashimoto's, I drew a line in the sand. The overly masculine, fearful, ego-driven head space I had operated from my entire life had to go. I was very literally sick and tired of the patterns and reality I'd created. My process of learning to live from a balanced + badass feminine energy, full of love, driven by heart-centered desire and divine purpose, has been the most powerful journey of my entire life. 

Vicky and I both want to honor to the journey you're on in your own life. After you read Vicky's article, we'd love to hear your thoughts about living from your head vs. living from your heart. Jump in the comments and let's chat.


Not all adventures require a passport - or traveling halfway around the world - as our courageous leader Gail is about to do. Some say the biggest adventure we’ll ever go on is the journey from our head to our hearts...I couldn’t agree more. Moving from our heads to our hearts is like seeing the world through a new lens of Truth, of Light, of Love. I believe that on our deathbed, our perspective shifts naturally. A re-aligning happens where what is truly important - love, kindness, family, spirit, creativity, beauty - stands out and what is not important - material things, resentment, anger, etc. - dissolves. We don’t need to wait until we’re on our deathbed to see life from this perspective.

Every single day can be an adventure if we allow it. The adventure of moving from our head to our hearts.  


When we see the world through our hearts as opposed to our head, we are capable of things we would’ve never thought possible. We surrender resentment, towards ourselves and others. We forgive in a miracle moment and we accept everyone just as they are, including ourselves. We are present to what is, rather than what is not, or what was. The benefit of going on this ultimate adventure is truly living to our fullest potential, and being in the state of grace where we truly shine.  

I am a true believer in remembering that we are not guaranteed anything but this very moment. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, or next year, or to live a life well into our nineties and beyond. We have this moment. That’s it. If we live our lives from our head, we are bound to have regrets, misaligned partnerships, resentments, anger towards situations and people, and deep fear (not only of failure, but we fear success itself!).

When we connect to our hearts and let it make our choices, we don’t regret because we know that we were meant to go through what we went through to as a roadmap back to our hearts.  The journey of success is aligned with what is True - and what is True is love, and Light. When our hearts lead us we forgive, we stay open to possibilities, we aren’t afraid of getting hurt, we love fully, we give what we have received. When we live from our hearts, our world changes.

When we change our perspective, the people around us it feel it. They may not say it, or even be fully aware of it, but because we are all composed of energy, we are all connected and they feel it. They feel our peace. They feel our Love, our Light, our acceptance.    


How do you make the journey from your head to your heart?

1. Let your heart tell you its secrets.  

Start by quieting your mind. Right now. Pause. Place your hands on your heart, one on top of the other. Now slow down your breathing, loooooooong deep belly breaths. When you inhale, allow your belly to puff out and fill up with air, and when you exhale contract it back in.  Continue this cycle of breaths as long as you need to. You'll know. 

After you read the mediation in this paragraph, I want you to close your eyes and lean into it. You’ve come this far, don't shy away now. Close your eyes and notice the space between your thoughts, the silence, the presence, the Love. If tears well up, let them fall.  If you start heaving, bawling, let it happen. What needs to happen is happening. It’ll pass. Keep your hands on your heart. Keep belly breathing.  Your heart has secrets to tell you. Listen. When you’ve let the feelings pass and you’ve heard the secrets of your heart, say ‘thank you’ to your heart out loud, take another deep breathe, and open your eyes. 

What did your heart tell you?

Do this exercise often. Create a daily ritual in the morning or evening, to begin or end your day. This is a practice. The more you do it...the more you’ll listen, the more you’ll hear, the more you’ll act.  

2. Train your awareness of energy.

Start to witness the impact you have on the people in your life, and the impact others have on you.  Do you tend to bring down the energy around you by complaining and focusing on negativity?  Or do you let other people’s moods or stories bring you down?

Notice your patterns, but don’t judge yourself or others.  

We all learn from our environment. Focusing on the negative is something we (or the person we’re witnessing) picked up as a habit a long time ago. It’s like a muscle that we don’t even realize we’re flexing. I call them mind grooves, the thought patterns that we learn from our environment, our culture, and our society. When we start to bring awareness to them, we’re able to unlearn them. If we’re willing.   

Once you start to notice the impact of energy, it's time to surrender your thoughts. Neuroscience teaches us that our beliefs impact our thoughts, our thoughts impact our feelings, and our feelings impact our actions. In fact, A Course in Miracles describes a miracle as a change in perception. I love the proof that science gives us, but I personally rely on and expect miracles. 

Ask yourself: "Are my old thoughts working for me?" You’ll hear the answer immediately. In fact, you already know. It's possible to change your thoughts and the direction your thoughts are taking you, but you first need awareness so you don’t stay stuck in old mind grooves.

3. Choose Again. And again.

Once you raise our awareness that your environment is created by our thoughts, you have choices to make. Once you begin to witness the effects of your choices, you can choose again. When you start to feel the power that you hold in your heart, you can choose again and again and again to stay in this space. You can now choose from your heart, rather than from your head.  Your mind has limitations. Your mind thinks logically, analyzes, compares, and wants to protect us from pain. Your heart doesn’t do any of that. It just loves. The logical veil of ‘protection’ doesn’t exist with the heart. There is no "yeah, but..." with the heart. There is no taking sides. This isn’t to say you don’t have boundaries - it just means your heart doesn’t negotiate and rationalize. Love is love.  

When you choose from your heart, you are choosing from options laid out by divine intelligence, higher vibration, Source, whatever you want to call it. You have access to this Source anytime you choose to. Miracles happen when you choose with your heart. Your limitations expand, your perceptions change, you begin to experience life as you're meant to: With the loving vision of all that is True.  

We’re all doing our best, stumbling through this journey called life. Take the adventure of a lifetime...the journey from your head to your heart...and watch your life unfold with a beauty you never thought possible!

Photo courtesy of Vicky and her mad selfie skills.

Photo courtesy of Vicky and her mad selfie skills.

Meet the author. Join the Lightworker Nation.

Vicky auf der Mauer is the creator of Lightworker Nation, a website, community, and platform for people who follow what Lights them up, who do the work they feel called to do, and who have the audacity to believe they CAN live the life they know they’re meant to. She adores people that dream big and take action towards their dreams to make it happen!    

Lightworker Nation is the result of Vicky showing up daily to her meditation + prayer rituals, and continually choosing from her heart, rather than her head.  She didn’t brainstorm it, it came to her. While the idea of it seemed daunting to execute, she knew she was guided to it. She  trusts she'll be given all she needs to facilitate this community for fellow Lightworkers.  It is her dream come true.  

Instagram @lightworkernation
Twitter @LightwrkrNation 

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