Control. Yours for the taking.

I write a lot about The Desire Map and how my Core Desired Feelings have changed my life. I want to take a break from telling my story to celebrate the brave, powerful, gorgeous women who attended my last group workshop. I want to celebrate them one by one, because they deserve undivided attention and mountains of praises for designing a life they love! I've highlighted Anne Boswell and Arianne Prina King, so this time it's all about Heather Lewis. 

Heather's Core Desired Feelings: Centered. Challenged. Engaged. Vivacious. 

Heather Lewis :: Salt Lake City, Utah

Heather Lewis :: Salt Lake City, Utah

"I read The Desire Map a year ago, but never fully worked through the exercises to identify my Core Desired Feelings. I was skeptical that a group setting would give me more insight than I could work through on my own; but after experiencing it, I absolutely recommend it to others. It was life changing! 

It initially felt scary though, knowing I was going to analyze big changes I need in my life.  I was worried I’d be resistant. Gail’s facilitation though - her vulnerability, bravery, and support - made it safe. She is such a talented leader. I loved the comforting, but still challenging, space she created for us. I also loved the willingness of everyone to risk, share, and grow. 

Gail's workshop brought everything into focus for me. As I make big and little decisions, I’m now saying: ”Does this align with my CDFs?"  My biggest takeaway is that I’m in more control of my life and how I want to feel than I ever believed before."

This is what I love about Heather...

Heather is one of the most generous people I know, constantly doing things for other people and  thinking about everyone else first. It took courage to set aside time to focus on herself. It took even more courage to do that in front of other people. To select CHALLENGED as a Core Desired Feeling is more powerful proof of her commitment to living a life she loves. When most people are numbing out and avoiding anything that feels uncomfortable, Heather is making an empowered choice to challenge herself. It's inspiring to witness!

I want you to have this same sense of ownership in your life. You are absolutely in control and you have the right to live by your own rules. You deserve to feel the way you want to feel. You are worthy of being really, really, really freaking happy. Let me be your permission slip until you feel that power for yourself. You deserve the same sense of control over your destiny that Heather feels now.


It's so much more than a backpack.

Freedom. Yours for the taking.