Freedom. Yours for the taking.

I write a lot about The Desire Map and how my Core Desired Feelings have changed my life. I want to take a break from telling my story to celebrate the brave, powerful, gorgeous women who attended my group workshop in January. I want to celebrate them one by one, because they deserve undivided attention and mountains of praises for designing a life they love! Last time I highlighted Anne Boswell...this time, it's all about Arianne Prina King.

Arianne's Core Desired Feelings: Playful. Curious. Radiant. Exquisite. Sexy.

Arianne Prina King :: Park City, Utah

Arianne Prina King :: Park City, Utah

"Gail's style as a facilitator is phenomenal. She uses the right amount of probing questions to find your Core Desired Feelings, blended with her personal experiences of her own journey. I felt such a personal connection to her because she relates to my feelings of being overworked, tired, and missing my spark! Gail’s facilitation is so unique and powerful. She stirred something inside of me and I felt more alive than I had in a long time. 

One of the most important things Gail said to me was, "The hours you put in at work that you’re not passionate about are hours you’re putting yourself further away from your joy.”  That was so on point. Finding my Core Desired Feelings is like a weight is lifted. I now realize it’s okay for me to want more, that I deserve that. 

Her workshop content is incredible. She designed it in such a beautiful way, we flowed through every topic and discussion effortlessly. Since the event, Gail's facilitation of our Facebook group, her posts, and her blog have really helped me to stay on track. I now start my days by repeating my Core Desired Feelings, honoring what I really WANT to be doing, versus what I think I HAVE to do."

This is what I love about Arianne...

At her absolute core, Arianne is pure light. Pure. Bright. Radiant. Light. Her laugh is infectious, she sees the best in people, and she is one of the most sincere listeners I've ever met. I first met Arianne years ago in graduate school and afterward we only stayed sort of in touch through Facebook. All the while, however, we were experiencing similar challenges that ultimately brought us back into each other's lives in the most beautiful way. What I learned from working with Arianne is that you're never too far away from your core, you're never too far away from what you most want in life, you're never too far away to take action and hit reset. I watched Arianne's brightness recharge over the course of our two-day workshop. I've since watched Arianne designing her life and she is such a powerful example of what's possible. She submitted a letter of resignation to a job that was no longer feeding her soul. She dedicates time every morning to center in her Core Desired Feelings. She's back, baby!

I want you to have this same sense of freedom in your life. You deserve to feel the way you want to feel. You are worthy of being really, really, really freaking happy. Let me be your permission slip until you feel that power for yourself. You deserve the same sense of freedom and light that Arianne feels now.

Love + so much freedom,

Control. Yours for the taking.