Permission. Yours for the taking.

I write a lot about The Desire Map and how my Core Desired Feelings have changed my life. I want to take a break from telling my story to celebrate the brave, powerful, gorgeous women who attended my group workshop in January. I want to celebrate them one by one, because they deserve undivided attention and mountains of praises for designing a life they love! Let's start with Anne Boswell...

Anne's Core Desired Feelings: Balanced. Energized. Freedom. Inspiring. Connected.

Anne Boswell :: San Francisco, California

Anne Boswell :: San Francisco, California

"I flew from San Francisco to Salt Lake City, having never met Gail but knowing I needed to work with her. She was exactly what I hoped she'd be. Gail is kind, welcoming, honest, fun, supportive, and celebrated each of us at every turn. Her easygoing style and ability to be present with each of us individually was very powerful. I love her energy. It was magical and I feel honored to have been a part of this.  I highly recommend the experience. 

I now have permission, in a very direct way, to make big decisions for myself. It's as if Gail's given me a road map for everything I do. Permission! I've already said to myself, 'Oh nope, can't/won't do that because it's not aligned with my core desires."  Permission is a beautiful thing!

My greatest takeaway was Gail's guidance in paring down my core desired feelings. It was such an interesting journey. I was surprised by a few of my core desires. I also found it incredibly valuable to move through her 1:1 coaching in front of the whole group. The atmosphere was supportive and enlightening.  I’ve taken away five new, wonderful friendships."

This is what I love about Anne...

Who books a plane ticket with a week's notice and attends a vulnerable, intimate workshop with a room full of strangers? Anne. Anne does. That's the moxie she radiates. She's strong, smart, funny, and knows what she wants. A word about vulnerability, and a lesson I learned from working with Anne: Once we let ourselves admit what we want from our lives...even just the tiniest nudge, the most gentle gift of permission can tip the scales. If you let it. Anne let it. She showed up fully ready to pivot her life and pursue paths more aligned with how she most wants to feel. I've kept in touch after the workshop and trust me, she's doing just that!

I want you to have this same sense of permission in your life. You can say yes. You can say no. You can pursue what you want to pursue without guilt or apology or even hesitation. Let me be your permission slip until you feel that power for yourself. You deserve the same sense of freedom and clarity that Anne feels now.

Love + so much permission, 


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