My dreams have taken over my living room.

Anyone with experience manifesting their dreams into reality knows that keeping your vibration high is critically important. Your vibration is high when you feel ease and flow and...on fire. For me, my vibration is high when I'm aligned with my Core Desired Feelings. But to get to that point of energetic alignment, it takes conscious effort. I take actions every day to get to the point where I feel the way I want to feel. Some days I succeed and some days I fall short, but every day is another chance to try again. Also, the effect is cumulative. 

Since launching the teaser for my soon-to-be-announced Desire Map workshops, my living room has turned into command central. My dreams are demanding my attention. As they should be. To be clear, I have a lovely office upstairs. The walls are painted a bright mossy green, it's full of sunlight, art, the most comfortable sofa/chaise in the world, a gorgeous giant hanging Moroccan lantern, my paint and canvasses...but for whatever reason, Base Camp Desire Map is headquartered in my living room. I'm rolling with it. 

What is surrounding me, keeping my vibration high? What resources am I using to manifest enormous dreams? Well, in the hope that even one of these resources will resonate with you...

The Desire Map. Obviously. I've read it three times in 10 months. I've gone through the Core Desired Feelings workbook about seven times at this point. It's changed my life, but you know that by now. May I kindly/strongly suggest you get your hands on a copy?

Notes and scribbled moments of inspiration from my conversations with the health coach I've hired. Coach Janet, found on a social health and wellness site called Hubbub, has been instrumental in helping me shift my perspectives on autoimmunity. I'm doing my best to navigate the newness of my Hashimoto's diagnosis and Janet is part mirror, part cheerleader. 

To-do list...edited ruthlessly against the bottom line of my Core Desired Feelings. 

Purified water with lemon. Lots and lots and lots of water.

The Desire Map 2014 Day Planner. I know it's totally vintage, the whole pen and paper thing, but dude. I still sync three different calendars to five different iDevices, but there's magic in putting pen to paper. Every week for nearly a year now I've written my CDFs, then split up my to-do items into five categories (Livelihood + Lifestyle, Body + Wellness, Creativity + Learning, Relationships + Society, Essence + Spirituality). It's manifestation magic. I'm already fantasizing about what I'll call into being in 2015. Join me...only if you want to change your life. 

Scratching away on the record player, Elton John's Greatest Hits. Rocking digitally through an iHome sound system, a solid twenty-years of Better Than Ezra. Cooing through my laptop speakers, Deepak Chopra guided meditations. Though clearly not simultaneously, when in alternating combination, these sounds make me very happy. 

Books. So many books. I tend to read multiple books at a time. Anyone else do this? Right now I'm reading Life On Fire by Kim Dinan for the third time. When I finally quit my job, it will be Kim's fault. The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau. Action, momentum, pursuit makes us happy...not the explicit pursuit of happiness itself as A Thing. Brilliant. The Art of Non-Conformity: Set your own rules, live the life you want, and change the world, also by Chris Guillebeau. Speaks for itself, right? Money: A love story by Kate Northrup. It's high time I dispel the outdated notions I have about money. It's also high time I welcome a lot of it into my life. These books are stacked on top of a real estate guide I picked up in Provence last month. Yes, these things are related...

Huge National Geographic book about Alaska and two books I read in preparation for my trip this past May. I spent two weeks on a writing assignment for The Avid Cruiser, sailing the Inside Passage with Princess Cruises. One of the articles I wrote on the trip was specifically about reading these two books, one poetry and one memoir. Christy Lane of the beautiful Lane Letters website found my Instagram feed while I hashtagged my way through Alaska, and asked me to guest post on the topic of soulful travel preparation. Read that collaboration here. 


Stacks of AFAR and National Geographic Travel magazines. Fairly self-explanatory. Oh, and another book. Of course. When God Was a Woman by Merlin Stone. Goddess energy, y'all. 

External drives. At least two visible and probably more hiding under books. Gotta keep the laptop hard drive lean and mean. Also gotta help my brain relax with oh so totally legal downloads of television shows and movies courtesy of an unnamed friend.

The Fire Starter Sessions. Another Danielle LaPorte creation, this time about building a business with soul. I've read excerpts over the years. I've flirted with the concepts as she posted about them on her blog. It just didn't apply to me, right? I mean, I have an office job with a salary and gold-plated health insurance, what would I need to know about entrepreneurship? Oh, you know, let's just fast forward a bit. Everything. That's what I need to know. All of the things. Crash course. Go!

The Desire Map Journal. Yes, another Desire Map product. Another powerful manifestation tool. Another magical pen to paper experience. I was a slow sell on this, actually. I thought the few blank pages after each month in the Desire Map Day Planner were sufficient for reflection. Until August of this year, they were. Until August, I didn't know was living with an autoimmune disease that would alter every square inch of my life. Until August, Danielle hadn't announced the creation of a Desire Map Facilitator Licensing program. Until the moment I read that announcement, I wasn't sure how I would support myself financially in my life's dream of longterm travel. Until August, my dreams fit on a few blank pages. Since August I've filled ¾ of that hefty journal. It's happening. It's coming together. This is it. Helping insatiable, kindred souls design a life they love is the grand manifestation.

Join me...because this adventurer loves high-vibration company. I'm in the midst of planning my 2015 Desire Map workshops as we speak. Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to get updates and enrollment announcements. 

Love from Desire Map Base Camp, 


Desire Map Workshop Update: Gorgeous venue...booked!

Coming Soon: Mediterranean posts + photos