Answers to questions about me quitting my job to travel the world

Answers to questions about me quitting my job to travel the world


A memorandum to many well-intentioned inquirers:

Yes, I actually did quit my job. After 13-years at a single institution and 15-years overall in higher-ed...peace out. P.S. I'm grateful, I'm tired, I'm over it, I'll always love certain pieces of it, I'm done.

Yes, I'm traveling solo. No, I'm not afraid. Yes, I enjoy being alone. P.S. Alone is not the same as lonely, though there will inevitably be a lot of that, too. I'm okay with it. 

No, my Hashimoto's is not in remission, my PCOD is not resolved, and my adrenals are still failing. No, that doesn't make me second guess my decision, it makes me re-commit. P.S. 25% of my 46L backpack will contain 6 months worth of 9 different medications. It is what it is. It's not stopping me. 

Yes, there will be a lot of lying around on beaches. No, this is not a really long vacation. Longterm travel is just me living my life, in different locations, for varying amounts of time. P.S. Wherever you go, there you are. Real talk. I don't romanticize the realities of what I'm undertaking.

A friend and her partner are renting my condo, so no, you cannot Airbnb my adorable downtown space. P.S. Thank you, Perfect Stranger, for your mostly-flattering-but-slightly-creepy unsolicited email. 

Yes, I despise heat and I emotionally unravel in humid conditions. No, I cannot explain to you why Southeast Asia is my first stop. I told myself I would venture to the icy islands of northern climbs, but the magic of The Universe aligned elsewhere and I paid attention. P.S. Universal alignment is, in fact, how I make my travel plans. It flows or it doesn't happen. 


Why have I deconstructed life as I know it only to rebuild it as a nomadic adventure?

Life is short. The phrase is cliche for a reason. I finally stopped rolling my eyes at it.  

I'm too young to be this sick. I need to reset my whole system. I need to allow my adrenals to chill out. Really chill out. For a really long time. I need to allow my autoimmunity to taper off into remission. I need my broken thyroid to teach me what my new reality looks like. I need to sleep and write and swim and repeat.

I've always been a traveler. I was 15 when I first traveled to Russia with a group of friends. I'm on my third passport and I just added two fresh sets of pages in preparation for my next round of adventures. I'm most at home when I'm in motion and I'm restless at home. I never feel more alive than when I'm lost in a strange city.

I want to. I've worked hard to design a life that accommodates longterm travel, so why not?

The people I admire are people who make meaning from epic challenges and turn that meaning into epic adventures. It's been said that we're all mirrors for each other. It turns out I admire those people, in part, because I know in my core that that is also my path. 

Because adventure is what you say it is. It's a way of being, a mindset. I live for adventure.

Consumerism has made me soft. My life is ridiculously comfortable, jam packed with luxuries not actually required for existence. I'm not explicitly becoming a nomadic monk, per se, but there is a primal satisfaction in carrying everything I need to survive on my back. There is also a primal satisfaction in knowing that whatever isn't on my back, I can provide for a foreign tongue...with spastic sign language + smiles. 

I need to reconnect to the rhythm of the ocean. I'm a water creature and I feel ungrounded if I'm gone too long. The separation is palpable and I've reached a point in my life where a few vacations a year won't cut it. 

I've been teaching, coaching, facilitating, and writing both professionally and personally for decades. It just took me a while to trust that I can use these gifts to support myself as an entrepreneur. It took me a while to understand that I don't need to work for anyone else on their terms and with their insufficient salary. It took me a while to lean into love and abundance, knowing that I have something valuable to offer people who come into my orbit. Finally allowing this realization to take hold has put me into an awesome creative groove. I'm building gorgeous, powerful e-courses and online group coaching programs for you as we speak. I'm ready.

I really want to talk to you about your own adventurous goals. Let's chat in the comments. Where are you stuck and where do you think you have potential to shift your world around? I live for conversations like this...chime in!

Love + nomadic adventures,

Redefine Adventure

Redefine Adventure

So I quit my job today and booked a one-way ticket to Bali...

So I quit my job today and booked a one-way ticket to Bali...