A Perfect Day {the power of Core Desired Feelings}

There's great power in declaring how you want to feel. There's even more power in waking up every day and doing something about it. Knowing how you want to feel informs the choices that get you closer and closer to a life you're in love with. It's profoundly liberating. As I launched registration for April's Design Your Life Desire Map event, I thought about all the brave women who will show up that weekend and begin their own journey. I'm already excited to meet you.

At the same time, I've also been working with my coach to get crystal crystal crystal clear about what I want most (yes, even coaches have coaches). My Core Desired Feelings are MAGICAL, FREE, SUPPLE, LUMINOUS, and HEALTHY. What does that actually look like? What is my idea of a perfect day? Something like this...

Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor

Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor

I roll over in bed as the warm Balinese sun hits my face. The fan is circulating slowly, doing its best to push the thick air around our room. I've been here just long enough to not detest the humidity quite as ferociously as I once did. Granted I haven't stopped sweating since our plane landed, but even that doesn't set me off as it once did. Tattooed Bearded Brunette was never as bothered by the humidity. I let him keep sleeping while I pop my thyroid meds and cook breakfast. Because I've been traveling, creating, and living my life on a schedule of my making, I've healed my adrenals and reset so many other systems in my body that needed to reset. The only medicine my Hashimoto's needs now is thryoid hormones and whole food. 

TBB wakes up and joins me for breakfast. Or rather, he joins me for a spontaneous sexcapade in the kitchen. Then breakfast. Priorities. We decide to walk down to the beach and float in the waves for a bit. After an hour, he decides to stay and read while I go back to our Airbnb bungalow to work. I log into my Design Your Life eCourse and facilitate the discussions happening on the comment boards. I've maxed out enrollment and am looking at my travel calendar for dates that I can launch another cohort. I edit a few photos and write a blog post about our adventures the day before (a cooking class with a handful of western expats). I tweak the sales copy on my website because I'm launching a new digital product soon, an eBook I've been writing since I first started traveling. Speaking of the eBook, I also spend some time designing the cover and futzing over fonts and colors and kerning. I log into one of the eCourses I'm enrolled in and download the latest module. I'm learning how to design infographics. Because why not? I post a quick status on Facebook and a photo on Instagram, on which my mother comments immediately. TBB comes back from the beach and logs online to check in with his clients while I shower and get ready for our trip to the market. 

We're meeting new expat friends for lunch, people we met in the cooking class. They've lived here for years and have taught us a lot about life in Bali. Since they have a jeep and are happy to shuttle us around, we're planning to explore temples this afternoon. For now we wander the market and purchase bits and pieces of lunch from whatever street food vendor interests us. I stop and say hi to my favorite fruit seller, who has a fresh salad ready and waiting for me. He calls me The American Gypsy. TBB surprises me with a trinket he purchased while I was preoccupied with fruit. Our expat friends went ahead of us to get the jeep. We head out into the countryside to experience Bali's temples and natural beauty. I'm instagramming like mad. TBB is meditating. Our friends tell us the history of this particular area. On our way back, we stop at the fish monger and get food for dinner. Our friends have plans and won't join us, but we'll see them again in a few days. 

TBB cooks the fish back at our bungalow. I sit in the kitchen chopping veggies and we brainstorm the next destination we'll travel to. Do we stay in the region? Should we bounce up to Kuala Lumpur, maybe Thailand? He's always wanted to volunteer at monasteries in Japan. I've always wanted to ride rickshaws in India. I tell him I've decided that my next course will run three weeks from now, so I have the freedom to go offline for a bit. He tells me he wrapped up his client's project today and won't need to renegotiate a new contract for two more weeks. We get excited about that alignment and an off-the-grid vacation. We decide to research transportation options ranging from sailboats to cargo ships. No hurry to land in the next destination and the experience will be excellent blog fodder. Dinner is delicious and so is the slow lazy sex we have afterward in our outdoor shower. We're sleeping soundly by the time the sky is fully dark. 

Notice that it's not called The Fantasy Day. It's not called The Day I Only Dream Of. It's called A Perfect Day and I'm well on my way manifesting it. I work toward it every single day, in ways large and small. If you trace my journey back to the very very very beginning, it all started with realizing I was worth it and then believing that I deserved to live a life I'm totally in love with. It sounds simple, but there are layers upon layers of stuff you need to cut through before you even arrive at your starting point. This is why I love The Desire Map. It slices through the bullshit. Your Core Desired Feelings are the clarity, permission, and freedom you need to live your own perfect day.

Read what my Design Your Life alumni are saying about their experience. Then join me in Salt Lake City on April 25-26th. You can do this. You know it's time. 


P.S. What does a perfect day looks like for you? I'd love to hear about it in the comments. Remember, there's power in the act of declaring. Go for it!

Permission. Yours for the taking.

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