2015 is your year. Snag your Desire Map discount codes. Share the love with a friend.

UPDATE: You now have four extra days to use the discount codes! Codes expire 01/10 at 11:59pm MST. Get on it...and grab a friend while you're at it. 

I love the turning of a new year. Absolutely love it. In fact, Thanksgiving weekend kicks off the new year excitement and preparation for me. I dream and plan and purge and commit and gear up to make the next year better than the last. I crack open a fresh day planner and journal around this time (always pen to paper for my dreams...it's magic). I look back at everything I created, enjoyed, and let go of in the previous year. I say "thank you" and then I look ahead. So much energy and pure possibility. Love it. 

I want you to feel that same sense of wonder and curiosity. I know the time between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day can feel frazzled and busy. I want you to take a breath with me. I want you to look ahead to your 2015 with the same intoxication of pure possibility that I do. So to celebrate my sacred, favorite time of year, I'm launching a three-week promotion on my upcoming Desire Map workshop (16-17 January 2015). Yes, three weeks. Not one day deal a'la Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Three whole weeks. Discount codes and freebies all for you until 01/06/15!

Why? Well for one, I want you to live a life you're totally in love with, a life you created for yourself. Also, it's a big decision to attend a Desire Map workshop. I understand that. It's an investment of more than just cash. It's an investment of your intention...and your desire. It's a declaration that you're willing to explore all the possibilities of your life. Don't rush into it. Think about it as you look ahead to your own new year. When you're ready to design a life that you live on your terms, join us. 

Discount Codes + Freebies:

The registration discount for individuals is 20% off with code DMNEWYEAR20. You save $60.

The registration discount for friends attending the workshop together is Buy One Get One 50% off with code DMFRIEND50. You save $150. Only one friend can use the discount code, but if after you both register you'd like to evenly split the total cost of two registrations ($450 total with this deal), that's obviously up to you. Both of you will be prompted to enter your friend's name in your registration details, but only one of you can enter the discount code. 

Anyone and everyone who signs up between now and 01/06/15 receives a FREE Desire Map journal.  It's hard-cover. It's big enough for your dreams. It can withstand my favorite felt tip pens. It's gorgeous. Your registration already includes The Desire Map book. You'll also receive a gift bag stuffed with tools to help you manifest your best life.  

Click here to read all about the workshop, what you can except from the experience, and the opportunities for ongoing support. Click any one of the buttons on that page to commit to your desires...and register!

I do mean it, you know. 2015 really is your year. But then again, you can already feel that. 

Love and desire,

The evolution of desire.

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