5 months on the road: A photographic recap

Whew! Welcome home, she says to herself. Since I traveled to New Orleans this past December to visit my brother and celebrate his newly-purchased home, I've been traveling like mad (and regrettably not blogging all that much). It was particularly insane in February, March, and April...when eight consecutive days was the longest period of time I was at home in Salt Lake City. I've been instagramming and tweeting from the road in real time, but in case you missed it...Flickr albums are now organized for your enjoyment (links to each album are in the photo captions below).

So...why have I been ignoring you, where have I been, and what have I been up to?

Visiting my brother who recently purchased a home in New Orleans, Louisianna | December 2013

Traveling with my brother to visit our family in Newport Beach, California | December 2013

This image from Moab, Utah was selected by VSCO for their curated Grid, such an honor | February 2014

An Instawalk event on Antelope Island, on the frozen Great Salt Lake | February 2014

Weekend quickie at Snowbird Resort, Salt Lake City, Utah | February 2014

Back to Southern California, half work conference + half vacay | February - March 2014

Spent a week in Hopi lands of Arizona, volunteering, cooking, laughing, and meeting beautiful people | March 2014

Waikiki, Oahu, Hawai'i...for work! I know, right? I know. | April 2014

Back to California, again, this time to La Jolla for a friend's wedding | April 2014

Next up...I'm off to Alaska! In between La Jolla and Alaska I'll spend just over three weeks in Salt Lake (which feels like an eternity at this point). I've had an amazing few months and these highlights barely scratch the surface. It's difficult for me to blog regularly amidst the wanderlusty chaos, so follow along in real time instead: Instagram and Twitter @fourthirtyam.

Also, stay tuned for big news about the Alaska trip. It's absolutely a dream come true, and I don't just mean crossing America's Last Frontier off my bucket list.

Love and SkyMiles,

You are because you say you are.

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