Where To Travel in 2014: A Roundup

'Tis the month for lists. We know this. They're everywhere. Every blog post you see starts with a number, then proceeds to tell you what you simply cannot live without. Well, for those of us who simply cannot live without travel, I rounded up my favorite "to see in 2014" lists.

Luxuriate in the possibilities, the wish lists, the wanderlust. 

An experiential travel guide, and one of the coolest travel planning apps ever, AFAR proposes the following destinations...

Uruguay? Awesome. Iceland? Why not? Travel + Leisure thinks you should make your way to these 27 locations....

In stunning full-screen photo format, The New York Times proposes 52 locations that are must-sees. And they would know. I mean, right? Don't we all dream of posh Manhattan dinner parties at which, after being regaled with Roberto's adventures, our assistant books our flight to New Caldonia straight away?

The Guardian weighs in with a top 40 list. Also, holiday. Can we all agree to discontinue use of the word "vacation" in favor of taking holidays? Okay, cool.

Rwanda. Argentina. National Geographic even thinks it's time we explore Iraq. I'm down.

Top 10 cities, top 10 countries, top 10 regions, and sights to make you feel small. Lonely Planet knows what they're talking about.

This roundup could be endless, but we'll pause the inspiration here. Where are you traveling this year?

Love and frequent flier miles,

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