Happiness 2.0: Building a community

Yesterday I posted on The Desire Map facebook page, sharing the books my friends and I are reading as part of our 2014 Happiness Project. The response from people wanting to participate has been awesome. I'm thrilled to meet so many new people and to welcome you to this adventure.

So...welcome! I'm happy you're here. 

There were a number of questions as to how this works and what it actually looks like. No problem, let me explain. Right now, all over the world, desire mappers are meeting in person and virtually, using Google hangouts and Skype. This book group model is amazing and I admire the connectivity and commitment. The Happiness Project, however, is a different sort of commitment.

The shortest way to explain it: 
Leave comments on the blog posts that discuss our Happiness Project books, and reply to the comments that others have posted. Every post on this site is also shared on the A Series of Adventures Facebook page, so you can also read and interact there.

The long(er) version:
This is an invitation to build a tribe, to engage with like-minded people. If you're looking for a sense of community, if you're searching for people who are also searching, you've found them. I don't know about you, but I love to bookmark and subscribe to blogs that build community and resonate with the direction I'm taking my life. I enjoy meeting new people, but most of all, I enjoy having conversations that matter. I love engaging in the comment section of these blogs, both with the author of the post and with other people who have commented. It's a small, quick, easy action to take...but over time it compounds into something really beautiful. Trust that.

One of my core desired feelings (speaking of Desire Map) is open to magic. That phrase is actually my 'power word' for 2014, so it is the ultimate core desired feeling right now. The 2013 Happiness Project group (which I talk about here) was transformative, for both me and my friends who participated. It was a powerful year, full of clear intentions and significant changes. Having a supportive community of people made all the difference. So, to honor my desire to be open to magic, I'm opening the circle. I'm trusting in the magic that happens when we engage with people who are focused on the same themes and issues.

Does that help clarify? Summary: Leave comments and get to know each other, both on this site and on facebook. It's low key, just a tribe of seekers who will support each other in making 2014 amazing. We can start right now with our first round of comments. Are you open to it?

Post an introduction below and let us know who you are. We're excited to meet you. 

What we get out of an experience is equal to the amount of energy and intention we put in to the experience.

P.S. Housekeeping note: This site is not entirely dedicated to the Happiness Project book series. You can read more about the mission of the site in the { love, me } section above. In short, I'm an administrator in higher ed by day, a storyteller and creative old soul in real life. I view every inch of life as an adventure and I curate my life into a series of memorable ones. This site is dedicated to pursuits that bring me joy: globetrotting, photography, and sundry feats of creativity. I also post about books I’m reading (obviously), my research into my Danish family history, mindfulness and other such hippie dippieness. Click if you’d like to explore my writing by category(ish).

Cheers to adventure!

Love and books books books,

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