VSCO Grid spotlight

It's fair to say I take my iPhoneography pretty seriously. And yes, I'm addicted to Instagram. And yes, I'm a walking cliche. Get over it. On my recent vacation to Mexico I took only my iPhone...and I'm usually the one running around foreign cities with a giant DSLR, multiple lenses, and all sorts of accoutrement. More and more I'm relying on my iPhone 5 and realizing it can actually take better photos than my DSLR, depending on the situation.

Anyway, my point is that I'm subsequently obsessed with Visual Supply Company. They've managed to create the most robust, elegant, and respected mobile photo editing app out there. At one point I had 14 (yes, 14) different cameras and editing apps on my phone. While I did keep Camera+, Afterlight, and Hipstamatic, I rarely use anything but VSCO. The work I've been doing for the Craft Lake City website is shot RAW on my DSLR, but edited using VSCO film. I have so much respect for the company and their product. I don't mean to get all fangirl on you, but they've seriously created a dedicated community of users and a unique aesthetic that is instantly recognizable as VSCO.

All of this to say...VSCO recently selected one of my photos for inclusion on their Grid. They saw it because I use the #vsco #vscocam tags in my Instagram feed. The VSCO Grid, as they explain it, is a curated collection of the finest mobile imagery on the internet. Um...yay! Yespleaseandthankyou. Also, it's true. If you haven't spent time (and by "time" I mean hours) scrolling through the site, you should. Like, right now.

The gmail from VSCO that made my day!

...and there I am, mixed in with a slew of hyper talented photographers. Awesome.

Love and natural light,

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