Vacaciones en Mexico

Having been back at work for a few weeks now, my time in Mexico feels like a dream. Then again, my time while there felt like a dream, so that's appropriate. I traveled to the same all-inclusive resort I stayed in last August. Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach is built into a terraced cliff on the Pacific side of Baja del Sur, northwest of Cabo San Lucas. Since the ocean is so deep and so rough where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez (no swimming beaches at the resort), the crashing waves just steps from our suite rolled like thunder and lulled us to sleep instantly. I remember this about my last trip as well. Last time we were one terrace up from the Presidential Suite we stayed in on this trip, and we still left our patio door open and fell asleep to those powerful waves.

Facing the Pacific Ocean, the sun rose to our left and set to our right. We began and ended each day in a warm glow of breathtaking beauty. I came home with 57 sun rise/set photos and three videos. Whoopsie. 

Lots and lots and lots of this in my camera roll. It didn't suck. 

It was everything a resort vacation should be; namely that our biggest decision was by which pool we should set up camp for our daily naps and which restaurant should we eat in next. We packed watercolors, acrylics, and canvas, painting the sunsets caught on our iPhones and creatively relaxing to the max. We ventured into town one day to partake of the requisite flea market haggling, Spanglish practice, and purchase of pottery and linens. We also did something very unique and memorable. We hired a local outfitter to take us to Cabo Pulmo for an all-day snorkeling and kayaking adventure. Cabo Pulmo is a national park and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Rental cars are not allowed on the miles of dirt road that wind through the mountains and out to the crystal clear turquoise of Mermaid Beach (only then accessible by ocean kayak). This location is home to the only hard coral reef in North America and since the water is so clear in this protected marine park, we swam far far far from the shore in the hours that we snorkeled. Amazing.

In no particular order, memories...

Venus. Just barely.
Resetting my circadian rhythm and waking up with the sun.

Courtyard at the resort, with a Catholic chapel at the far end.

Not a single cloudy day.

Paint. Ocean breeze. Not a single appointment on my calendar. Bliss.

I could spend all day in this courtyard.

Infinity pool on the tippy top of the mountain, overlooking the Pacific and daily sunsets. It happened.

Pool. Ocean. Done.

Taffy skies.

Silhouettes of paradise.

En route to our adventurous day at sea.

Pristine Cabo Pulmo.


I mean, if you're going to eat fish tacos, you may as well wait for the chef's boat to pull up to your table.

Simple. Perfect.

Mermaid Beach in Cabo Pulmo.

Postcard perfect palapas.

The pool closest to our suite.

My version of a selfie.

A rising sun peeks through the curtains. Roll over. Grab iPhone off nightstand. Snap photos. Nap in the sun for a couple more hours. Face the day's big decision: Which pool?

Hydromassage, as the sign indicates.

Painting pottery poolside. It's possible this was intended only for children, but we didn't care.

In hold cotton balls and such.

Spa day. Amazing.

I mean, seriously. 

Lobby of Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, an adults-only resort next door.

If you say so.

Shopping in the flea market.

I regret not buying one of these little angels.


Motif spotted in an artist's gallery, water color on paper.

Smells like heaven.

Complete with multiple cabana boys. Yes.

Fish tacos. Never enough fish tacos.

A WiFi patio at the resort. I love that it's 99% tech free in this sanctuary of a resort.

If you simply must check email, you may as well do it here.

Dinner on the beach.


Dancers entertained us while we ate. Essentially like the luaus at the resorts in Hawai'i.

If this handcrafted rocker would fit in my suitcase...

Siesta ready.

Hasta Luego!

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Love and sunshine,

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