Um...where did November go?

Woah. Not a single post in November and I barely realized it. Whoopsie. I had a vague sense of needing to share stuff on this site...but apparently that vague sense lingered over an entire month that felt like a day.

I kicked off the month on Dia de los Muertos interviewing Mexican artist Veronica Perez and photographing her beautiful workspace. Post coming soon.

I covered another Craft Lake City workshop. The Mandate Press and Brady of Lars Love Letters hosted a handmade paper workshop. Photo recap coming soon.

I attended a four-day work conference at which I (and many others) was infected with the norovirus. I spent spent 16 hours "violently vomiting" (charming classification per the Center for Disease Control) and 36 additional hours horizontal in bed feeling like every inch of my body had collided with a freight train. It was food poisoning times ten. There are no words. The CDC traced it to an infected hotel food service worker who decided to serve a meal to a ballroom full of guests. Awesome.

One day past being contagious, I flew to Mexico for rest and relaxation. Man, did I need it. Stay tuned for photos, if you weren't already following along on Instagram. We snorkeled, kayaked in the ocean, had the difficulty of deciding at which pool we should set up camp for the day, ate a lot of food and drank a lot of drinks (thank you, all-inclusive resort), started and finished a cinematic Baldacci thriller, explored town, bought gorgeous pottery and linens, painted (yes, we packed canvas and acrylics), and didn't check work email even once.

Spent four days in the office trying to catch up on a month's worth of everything...then left for Thanksgiving at my parent's house. Their stove broke the night before Thanksgiving. Before you gasp, we actually go out to eat every year and see a movie, so it wasn't actually a big deal for Thanksgiving day. However, we did attempt to cobble together subsequent dinners on an electric griddle and microwave. It felt like a mix between a college dorm and a Haitian refugee camp. Oh, by the way, the view I grew up with looks something like this...

A view of the Wasatch Mountains from my parent's porch.

Whew. Not to mention that, in context, October and November are two of the busiest months at work. A benefit of working in higher ed is that if I can just catch up and make it to December 17th, I'm on paid vacation once again. Eyes on the prize. get to all those posts I owe you.


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