Incubating Dreams

While I love The Cult of Done Manifesto for what it can do to help me manage counterproductive perfectionism, the truth is that some projects take longer than a week to knock out (see Manifesto point no.5). The realistic flip side is that some goals require a long game. Of course we need to make progress on interim goals, and consider those Done a'la manifesto, but when we're talking about massive, life-changing, feel-silly-even-saying-it-outloud dreams, I think we need a different way to approach it.

A recent post by life coach Kate Swoboda provides a helpful framework for thinking about the incubation of dreams. She contends that "The way we go after the dream is just as important as the fulfillment of the dream itself." She challenges us: "How is your dream incubating? As you’re working, what’s your dream marinating in? What’s the energy that it’s gestating and developing in?" She goes on with examples of productive and unproductive incubation energy, if you will.

I don’t know why I’d bother. No one will show up, anyway.
This is hard, but it’ll be worth it.

I’m putting all of this work in, so it had better work out for me!
I live a good life now, and I know I’ll live a good life, later–no matter what the outcome.

I’m so afraid. I’m so afraid. I’m so afraid. I’m so afraid.
I’m afraid, but I’m willing to trust. I’m afraid, but I’m willing to trust. I’m afraid, but I’m willing to trust.

It's so simple, right? She's not presenting earth-shattering revelations, she presenting gentle reminders of what we know in our soul and forget in the daily grind. How many times have I sat down to write a blog post and said, "I don't know why I bother. No one will read this anyway." Instead of clicking over to netflix and spending time feeling deflated, the mantra should be, "This is hard, but it'll be worth it."

It's a call to action for myself as much as it is for anyone reading this. We need to be conscious of the white noise, the subconscious energy, and the space in which we're incubating our dreams. And doesn't it all end up boiling down to abundance? My 2013 power word has been a doozy, let me tell you. I've come to realize, without fail, most everything in life breaks down to fear/scarcity or love/abundance. The incubation of our dreams, if I may put words in Kate's mouth, must happen in an abundant space. As she said, "The conditions under which our dreams are created do affect the outcomes. Stop, breathe, get present to what you’re creating at all points along the way." {tweet it}

Love and love and more love,

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