Craft Lake City Workshop Recap: The Land of Salt bath bombs

Artisans Erica Richardson and Amanda Mears from The Land Of Salt taught workshop participants how to create their best-selling bath bombs. When you’re done making your own, drop it in the bathtub under hot running water and watch it bubble and fizz. It’s pretty much the coolest bubble bath ever…and they make excellent gifts. The workshop was sponsored by and hosted at West Elm City Creek. 

I was there to photograph the adventure and have since designed a recap slideshow (complete with the recipe!!).

Click through the slideshow above and learn how to make your own bath bombs. This is a perfect gift for your fabulous friends who love to spoil themselves (*raises hand*). Here's a sneak peek of the DIY goodness in the slideshow...

Love and glitter bombs,

Um...where did November go?

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