Owning the Fear.

I've been reflecting a lot lately (off-line, mostly) about fallow versus fertile creativity and also about fear. I think my brain is gearing up for a post, but for now, watch this video from Kate Swoboda of Your Courageous Life. It's resonating.

I recently participated in a workshop series with four of my girlfriends. I mentioned it only briefly on this site, but those thoughts have also been brewing into a post that will come soon. There's something to be said about oscillating patterns of behavior that keep you from advancing success upon success upon success...and what Kate is discussing in the video below is a close cousin to that idea. I like that she calls out our usual list of excuses as nothing but fear. I've been working a lot this year on understanding that everything - absolutely everything - basically breaks down into love or fear, abundance or scarcity. Naming scarcity and fear helps set us on a different path to getting past our own bullshit.

Anyway, all of that is percolating. More soon. For now, enjoy Kate!

Love and more love, 

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