Creating: Studying the work of Robert Fritz

Along with four friends, I recently completed a three-workshop course on the work of Robert Fritz, namely his theory of Structural Dynamics. In summary, when it comes to creating what you want in your life, motivation is virtually irrelevant. Fritz believes that structures define behavior. Think of structure as a river bed that carries the flow and energy of water. If you want the flow and energy of your life to move in a certain direction or behave in a certain way, you need to structurally modify the river bed. Get all Army Corps of Engineers on it. Dig it up. Move it. Rebuild it. Don't give the water the option to flow in any other direction but that of fulfilling your dreams.

Seems simple, right? Seems logical and obvious? Sure. Of course it is. But try doing it. Try unpacking every single aspect of your life that is not as overwhelmingly awesome as you want it to be and then restructure every single aspect of your life around the eventual fulfillment of your overwhelmingly awesome future reality. Sort of intense.

Yet the reason his theory of Structural Dynamics initially seems simple to us is because it strikes the cord of universal truth. In our core, we know he's right. Structures absolutely matter. We're responsible for the structures we allow into and create for our life. His leading question is: Does your life structure work to your advantage, or does it somehow work against your best efforts?

Try it. Ask yourself: Does the goal matter enough to you to structure your entire life around it? {tweet}

As one examines structures to determine whether or not they're built to achieve at the ideal reality, Fritz inserts an additional consideration, that of advancing or oscillating patterns. Also structural in nature, these two patterns will make or break our efforts to create the life we want. The advancing structure is one in which "the success you have achieved becomes the platform for future success. You can build momentum over time, and the sum total of your life experiences leads you forward." Whereas, in an oscillating structure "the success you have created is neutralized. Each step forward is followed by a step backward. Within this structure, success cannot succeed long term." Furthermore, once you're tuned in to all this jazz, you can even predict the point of reversal in an oscillating structure. In reference to the Kate Swoboda video I posted a couple days ago, she identifies a list of excuses that not only tie to fear, but that are also essentially pivot points of oscillating structures.

Fritz argues passionately about the need to do the work of Structural Dynamics in our lives. He pleads with us to align the river beds of our life to flow into our overwhelmingly awesome goals...because too many people bury their dreams in order to become realistic. In his words:

You cannot dedicate your life's energy to a compromise. {tweet}

So what now? We need to master the mechanics of creating the life we want, and that involves creating purposeful tension. More about that in part two.

Love and brave questions,

Creating: Implementing the work of Robert Fritz (part two)

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