15 Ways to Earn Money While Traveling

I've always been driven to travel as much as I possibly can, but this year I've spent time researching what that could possibly mean in a full-throttle-this-is-my-whole-life kind of way. I'm overwhelmed with a litany of blogs by people who have some version of that life, but finding specific how-to details are trickier to come by. 

A friend posted an article to my Facebook wall that sparked some creative thoughts for me. Some tips are obvious (write articles, sell photos, work in a hostel), some are scary (participate in science experiments, gamble online, rummage trashcans for aluminum), some awesomely adventurous (work on a farm, attend festivals and hock your wares, work on a ship), and some are completely absurd (act in a movie, work as a model). Work as a model? Really? Oh, I mean, sure. Why didn't I think of that. No problem. I'll get right on that movie actor thing, too. 

Love and cheers to practical dreams, 

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