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Workshops. Retreats. Mood lighting. #weekinphotos

mixed media collage...she'll soon be made of maps and old currency from all over the globe. #imaybecreatingmyspiritanimal
The artistic collaboration with Alexander marches on. Read all about it!

another Tuesday, another workshop with my girlfriends.
Workshopping with my girlfriends.

Spent the afternoon with one of my favorite women on planet earth. Emma Lou Thayne is a poet, activist, artist, feminist, spitfire, and dear friend.
Emma Lou Thayne is the namesake and board ex officio for the organization I manage. I was fortunate to spend time with her in her family cabin at our annual board retreat. #rareselfie

Emma Lou was so delighted when I flipped the camera into selfie mode. "We can see each other! I can see you taking our picture! We're moving!" She could stop laughing.
She was so surprised and delighted by the camera's reversed selfie mode she could barely stand it. #anevenrarerselfie

The history in this family cabin is staggering. Such a special place. #emmalouthayne
The history and the stories in the Thayne family cabin...it's staggering.

Something cute is about to happen in my living room... #lightingobsession
Thanks to my girlfriend who lent her boyfriend to me...I have a cute new addition in my condo.

Ta-da! How I have managed to live in this condo for three years without a crystal chandelier is a complete mystery.
How I have managed to live here three years without a crystal chandelier is just beyond me.

It's so girly and perfect. Welcome home, little one. Welcome home.
This situation calls for a thunderstorm and a good make out. Yes, sir, it does. 

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Trust. Creativity. Antique maps and moolah. #mondaymeditation

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