Humor helps. #mondaymeditation

Along with four of my girlfriends, I'm participating in a series of workshops based on the work of Robert Fritz. Specifically, we're reading his text Your Life as Art, and learning his framework of structural dynamics as a way to create what it is we want in our lives. The courses are taught by consultant / management coach Paula Ruffy. All of that might sound like a bit of word soup right now, but I'm planning a series of posts that will share with you what I'm learning through this adventure. We've only had one out of three total sessions so far and it's already pure awesomeness.

In the meantime, because I like to post meditation-ish posts on Mondays, I'll share this gem. It's stupid. It's funny. It helps me not take myself too seriously. I can get really wrapped up in the perceived weightiness of this whole mediative spiritual adventure. I mean, we're only exploring the whole meaning of life and stuff. This puts it all back in perspective...

Scroll through all 33 of these silly photos. It's worth a few chuckles and 2.5 minutes of your time.

Love and affirmations,

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