Declaration of You Day: Recap #mondaydeclaration

To wrap up the experience I had with The Declaration of You Bloglovin' Tour, I participated in the Declaration of You Day. It was an all-day event hosted on Facebook, structured around moving all participants through each theme/chapter in the book. In the recapping words of organizers Michelle Ward & Jessica Swift, in 6 hours, 100 creative souls:

  • Gave away 15 books (9 Declaration of You and others from Natalia KW, Alexandra Franzen, and Susannah Conway), and a 3-month subscription to Tiffany Han’s Love Letters.
  • Chatted in real time with Kari Chapin, Colleen Wainwright, and Natalia KW.
  • Did 8 “speed” projects and shared our photos with each other.
  • Laughed our pajama pants off, made new friends and a big crafty mess. 

Here's a glimpse into pieces of my Declaration of You Day:

Visioning board: In 5 minutes, cruise through a magazine and tear out anything that inspires you.

Celebration Jar: Write down things you can do so celebrate your accomplishments...

ta-da...Celebration Jar!

Declaring your uniqueness: "If you're born a lion, don't bother trying to act tame" (Ani DiFranco).

Power word. Amen.

"Draw your alter ego..."

To see what other people were up's a few recap collages shared by Michelle and Jessica:

You can read all the other posts also included in the tour by clicking here.

A Series of Adventures. It's official.

Brunches. Antiques. Markets. #weekinphotos