Curating a series of adventures

If you're reading this in an RSS feed, bounce over to the site for a moment and check it out. I've redesigned it and I've refocused it.

Rather than the daily-posting editorial calendar I experimented with for a while, I'm now structuring the blog around a series of adventuresglobetrotting, photography, sundry feats of creativity, meditations & declarations, researching my Danish roots and fueling my expat dreams. Posts about these adventures will come to you as the adventures come to me. I do want to keep a weekly meditation and a weekly round-up of photos, so we'll see how it all starts to shake out.

I'm also launching a creative collaboration with Craft Lake City. I alluded to it before, but the details are ironed out and I can finally share the exciting news. Read all about

Workin' it out.


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