A Series of Adventures. It's official.

Those of you that've been with me for a while (or even from the beginning in 2007 (hi mom)) know that I've focused and refocused this blog down to a simple summary of its content:

Curating life as a series of adventures. 

Specifically, most of my adventures tend to fall into the broad categories of globetrotting, photography, and sundry feats of creativity. There's also a bit of meditation, declaration, and Danish family history research going on as well.

To continue putting energy toward this adventurous focus, I've now established a custom domain for the site:


I'm still using the blogger platform, but my design skills and desire for customization outgrew it a while back. I think Squarespace is inevitable, but the new domain will follow me regardless. So, ladies and gents, point your bookmarks and other such electronic organizers toward the new URL and let's do this.

Love and adventure,

Business trip. Neighborhood cafe. Cloud porn. #weekinphotos

Declaration of You Day: Recap #mondaydeclaration