Travel the world + hold down a 9-to-5 gig #traveltuesday

1. If you're not familiar with The Travel Hack blog, you should be. There. You're welcome.

2. The Travel Hack site is run by a young woman living in the UK. She works a 9-to-5 job (granted it's for a travel company), did not wake up one morning with a trust fund, and posts down-to-earth tips. If you're as wanderlusty as me, you consume any and every travel site you can click your mouse on, but let's be honest, many are pretentious and unrealistic and just plan gross. This is not.

3. One of my favorite posts on the site is called How to travel the world with a 9-5 job. Many of the tips I realized I already take advantage of, like extending work trips into mini-vacays, for example. There are other tips that I think are really useful. Such as:

Always travel over weekends or bank holidays. 

Stay local and stick to short flights. I definitely think this works better if you're living in Europe, or some other squishy cluster of countries; though I'm sure North Dakota would make a lovely weekender.

Try to find a way that traveling can benefit your work. 

Learn to sleep on planes...and take advantage of red-eye flights to maximize your time away.

Bon voyage!

Love and happy trails,

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