Retiring The Blog Dare. Introducing my editorial calendar.

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UPDATE: My editorial calendar is currently under revision. I recent posted about the exciting opportunities coming my way, so stay tuned for all that! For now, I can at least say that this is the direction I'm headed. Come back soon. It's gonna be awesome.

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I started The Blog Dare at the beginning of June fully intending to use the daily prompts for an entire year. Well, guess what? It served its purpose. Already. And I'm thrilled that it ran its course. I'm shifting the energy that that exercise created into an editorial calendar. This experiment, like the dare, will no doubt be a work in progress. Here's my first crack at it, with excessive allieration:

{ Monday Meditations & Declarations }

I want to kick it off right and set intentions to carry me throughout each week. When The Declaration of You book tour is officially over at the end of July, and now that the book is released, I plan to go through the activities in the book and continue (re)working the declarations I posted initially. This may also be a day to share thoughts surface in my new mediation practice. The creative collaboration I'm launching with Alexander also fits snuggly into this Monday theme. 

Declaration posts are pinned to my Happiness Project board on Pinterest. The collaboration with Alexander, and other artsy projects, are pinned to my Creative Feats board on Pinterest.

{ Travel Tuesday }

This day could go in a number of different directions. I'd like to share more of my travel photography and globetrotting memories. I want to work on creating AFAR wanderlists and this will hold me accountable to that. I could also end up sharing travel plans, resources, anything in the vein of wanderlust.

Travel posts are pinned to my Wanderlust board on Pinterest with the hashtag #traveltuesday (the same hashtag used for these travel-related posts on Twitter). 

{ Whatever Wednesday }

Exactly what it sounds like: A free day to be random about whatever is on my mind. This would be a great time to share my random creative projects, updates on My Happiness Project, the research I'm doing about my Danish family history, assorted goodies on YouTube, you know, whatever. 

Random creative projects are pinned to my Creative Feats board on Pinterest. You'll find happy posts pinned to my Happiness Project board on Pinterest. Denmark research posts are pinned to my #FindYourJoy Denmark Pinterest board. All other randomness is pinned here

{ Throwback Thursday }

Flashbacks to some of my favorite and/or most popular posts. For example, to get this out of the way, of the more than six years I've been blogging at this URL, this stupid post about naked Mormon missionaries gets more hits than anything - a.ny.thing. - I've ever written. Ever. I should just embed the code to that link in every future post. Take that, SEO.

{ Link Love Friday }

Let's be honest, Fridays can be a lame day in the office. I'm going to make the assumption your productivity is shot and send you a love letter full of links and insights into my wanderings around the internet. Follow along if you'd like, add awesome stuff I missed in the comment section. 

Awesome goodies found on all the links posted here are pinned to my Link Love board on Pinterest

{ Saturday is my day off }

Peace out. Let's all recharge. And likely play on Pinterest. 

{ Sunday: The Week in Photos }

Primarily intended to be a round-up of my Instagram adventures over the past week, this may also end up becoming a forum for more intentional photo walks and curated series. Remember Candela, the online photography course I've been in and that you should sign up for right away? Well, it has blown my photographic world right open. There is good stuff coming your way. Stay tuned!

My photos, and related inspiration curated from all over the web, are pinned to my Photography board on Pinterest.

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Love and intentions, 

Hike down down down to Penobscot Bay #traveltuesday

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