Pint it!

I'm following through on a goal I set for myself after attending Alt Summit. Building on the energy of creating my editorial calendar, I also created Pinterest boards associated with each day and/or theme. Check out the revisions I made to the editorial calendar and you'll get all the links you need to re-pin and play along. Because how much do we love Pinterest? So much.

For example, I have a board called Wanderlust where the photos and resources from my Travel Tuesday posts will be pinned. You'll see the photos from yesterday's post on Castine, Maine already pinned and ready to go. Re-pin and spread the love.

There's a board for Denmark research, my Happiness Project, creative feats, link love goodies comin' at you every Friday, my photography, and more, plus the boards I already had before the blog was integrated (i.e. mostly dealing with my interior design obsessions).

The beauty of Pinterest is the collaboration, the community of pins and re-pins. Help spread the word. {click to tweet} #mymadeleines blog is now rocking Pinterest: globetrotting, photography, feats of creativity, design, & food porn!

Love and pins,

Who am I? #throwbackthursday

Hike down down down to Penobscot Bay #traveltuesday