My Declaration: Trust

The sequencing of topics in The Declaration of You is so brilliant. After spending the summer making a series of declarations, the elephant in the room seems to be: "Now what? How can all this awesomeness actually happen?" Thinking about the next steps beyond the bloglovin' book tour, a scarcity mindset starts freaking out, trying to control the what, the how, the whole of it. An abundant mindset, on the other hand, trusts that it will all happen. Abundance is not passive, though. It's hard, proactive work. But it's calm, knowing and trusting that it will all happen. Enter...

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Illustration by the lovely Jessica Swift.

As my final declaration of the series, want to recap each declaration I've made along the way. This time, I want to declare my trust in everything I've worked toward this summer. Ready? (she says to herself) Okay. Go.


I trust that recommitting myself to the importance of my core passions in life will bring opportunities that I can't even conceive of yet. I trust that the time and energy I spend reclaiming my creativity is time and energy well spent. I trust that if I focus my creative energy on writing, photography, travel, and building community, I will be a happy happy girl. {read the original Declaration of Enthusiasm}


"Why we all gotta look, gotta act the same? I say if you're born a lion, don't bother trying to act tame" (Ani DiFranco). I trust that when I speak my truth, like attracts like. I will live life as the most authentic version of myself and trust that the people who are meant to walk that path with me, will. I trust that living out loud will lead to a rich, abundant life. {read the original Declaration of Uniquity}


I trust that I've done the best I could do with the knowledge I had at the time; and wanting to set new intentions now is an act of creation and love. I trust The Universe enough to set the intentions I really truly want to set. I trust The Universe enough to set the intentions that scare me. I trust myself to pour a whole lot of love into those intentions. I trust that as I let go of (my illusion of) control and get out of my own way, The Universe will fill in the gaps. {read the original Declaration of Intention}


No one else is going to take care of me. It's called self-care for a reason. I trust myself to know what I need and I trust myself to be able to take of it. I trust that one of the best ways to make myself happy is to make other's happy; however, I also trust that in order to do that I need to be happy myself. I trust that time and energy committed to self-care will allow me to more fully care for those I love, including myself. {read the original Declaration of Self-care}


I trust myself to recreate a definition of success that works for me now and supports the new goals I'm setting for my life. I know that passion matters deeply when it comes to success and so I will assess what I can let go of, only keeping what works for me now. I trust that career moves that might look like a step backward, can actually be a step forward in a new direction. I trust that The Universe holds abundant possibilities and will help me let go of the old paradigms of success that I've outgrown. {read the original Declaration of Success}


I will accept money simply for what it is: A tool. I know that wanting it doesn't make me greedy and getting (a lot of) it doesn't make me a douchebag. I trust that I can declare exactly the kind of life I want and I can appreciate money as the energy to help me do it. I trust that as I raise my frequency and increase my awareness of what's possible, I will also open myself up to the means to accomplish it. I trust that money will flow in and out of my life as needed. {read the original Declaration of Money}


I know that the connection between celebration, marking the passage of time, and self-care is important to me. I know that when I get off balance, it's because I'm not pausing and I'm not marking time. I trust that when I give myself permission to reflect and be grateful, to pause, celebrate, shift gears, and re-dedicate my energy in a new direction, I will grow and find new adventures to celebrate. {read the original Declaration of Celebration}


Dear Self,  
I love you. You got this. Trust that.

The Fine Print: The Declaration of You will be published by North Light Craft Books this summer, giving readers the permission they’ve craved to step passionately into their lives, to discover how they and their gifts are unique, and to uncover what they are meant to do! 

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