My Declaration: Celebration

Similar to the vibe in my self-care declaration, when it comes to this week's topic, I'm all over it. No angst, no guilt, no metaphysical psychosomatic introspective hand wringing. In fact, I actually think self-care and celebration live hand in hand. They may even be making out at this point.

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Illustration by the lovely Jessica Swift.

In my professional world we're constantly saying "close the loop" when we discuss projects, assessment cycles, delegations, and so forth. To close the loop on an assessment project, for example, you don't analyze the data and file it away in a pretty binder on your bookshelf. Closing the loop means you implement data-driven changes to future programming. Closing the loop is an organizational skill that allows you to pause, shift gears, and re-dedicate energy in a new direction.

Close the loop. Pause. Shift gears. Re-dedicate your energy. That is a celebration. {tweet it}

When I think about the topic of celebration, it comes down to this idea of closing the loop. Rituals, milestones, and rewards are important elements in our life. I close loops and celebrate by taking intentional time to honor and mark the completion of things. You can see how this is similar to my declaration of self-care in the sense that even my celebrations are grounded in my love language of time. If you celebrate in your own love language, it will mean more to you. If your language is Receiving Gifts, buy yourself a cute new scarf after you land the gig you wanted. If your language is Physical can sort that out.

That all sounds complex, but it doesn't have to be a huge act (though it can be). Even something as simple as closing the loop on a long, tough week by leaving work an hour early on Friday to see a funny movie and let myself eat all of the popcorn -- that's a celebration for me. Getting a massage with the stated intention that I'm proud of myself for completing an enormous grant report -- that's a celebration for me. Spending two weeks abroad after saving my pennies -- that's definitely a celebration for me. Hosting a monthly brunch at my house and practicing new recipes (and practicing the act of cooking, let's be honest) on my friends -- that's a celebration for me and people I love.

Recognizing the connection between celebration, marking the passage of time, and self-care is important. {tweet it}

When I get off balance and life starts to be not so rad, it's usually because I'm not pausing and I'm not marking time. I'm usually barreling through a difficult project with no end in sight and no milestones to speak of and 60-hour weeks and I'm canceling time with friends and skipping the gym and blahblah. Celebration breaks our life into fun little chunks. Give yourself permission to reflect and be grateful. Give yourself permission pause, celebrate, shift gears, and re-dedicate your energy in a new direction. Keep going and growing and finding new adventures to celebrate.

Love and cheers to all of that,

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