Link Love Friday

Here are some of the most interesting bits of internet I stumbled upon this week:

"I want to be a travel writer…" Okay, great. What the hell does that mean? This article talks about how real life travel bloggers bring home the bacon.

Ever since I discovered the Fearful Adventurer blog - through the book tour I participated in by posting about my own fearful adventure of conquering Denmark - I've fallen deeper and deeper in love. Not only is the design of the site total perfection and inspiring, the content is stellar. I suggest reading all the posts submitted for Torre's #myfearfuladventure book tour. It's great stuff.

Speaking of fear, the Your Courageous Life site (and video series) is an excellent find. Love.

Some day I'll end up in Bali, painting with Flora Bowley. Just you wait.

This site is sexy and affirming and so smart. Curves are hot. The end.

This stuff infuriates me. Our culture is so backwards. We're paying all the wrong people to do all the wrong jobs. Take even the title of this article and the implied message: "These careers might make you happy, but fail the tuition ROI test." It's everything that wrong with our rat race. Happiness is secondary so long as you make money and consume. It makes my blood boil. 

An excellent article about street photography. This came from a new friend who's enrolled in the Candela photography course with me. It's been such an inspiring experience to move through that course. The next session starts 07/31. Get on it. 

With the evolution of my Happiness Project and recent meditations on abundance, this struck a cord. Danielle LaPorte explains why self-improvement makes you neurotic

In case you live in a cave, DOMA is unconstitutional, by the way. Love always wins. 

On that note, happy surfing. If you're a pinner, my Link Love board on Pinterest is loaded with all these goodies. Share away!

Love and links, 

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