I found my joy | Rivet & Sway

Receiving a tweet that tells you the grand prize is yours is a pretty awesome experience. What prize is that, you say? Well...

Rivet & Sway - a Seattle-based company on a mission to make glasses fun - recently launched The Joy of Specs campaign. Yes, you caught the cheeky play on words. It's an empowering campaign aimed at redefining beauty. In their own words: "The Joy of Specs is about loving the beauty, the fun, and the sexiness of being bespectacled." Cheers to that. A recent Facebook post encouraged women to "dress from the frames down" and create entire looks around the central gorgeousness of your face and specs. I love it. Glasses are wicked hot and Rivet & Sway, who designs exclusively for women by the way, is the hottest game in the market.

As part of the Joy of Specs campaign, they launched a Pinterest contest calling on women to #FindYourJoy. Whether it was your summer reading list, a backyard garden, or interior design inspiration, if it brings you joy they wanted you to pin it and spread the love.

I created a board about Denmark and the family history research I've been doing. Not only does it bring me joy to research the stories of my great great whomevers, it also brings me joy to think about traveling to and living in Denmark one day. Rivet & Sway decided they liked my joy so much that I won two free pairs of specs, y'all! They offer 2-day FedEx and you can try on three pairs in your home for free. How convenient is that? I'm sort of loving the Punchline, obsessing about the Spitfire, and Hungry Heart is pretty rad...but stay tuned! I'll post pics soon.

Also, I'm quite certain my sassy new glasses will look totally savvy in Copenhagen.

Love and sway,

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