Hike down down down to Penobscot Bay #traveltuesday

Dyce Head Lighthouse | Castine, Maine

Castine, Maine is a quaint fishing village settled in 1613. I'd never heard of it before I spun the proverbial globe and asked a friend where I should take my next vacation. Her mother-in-law summers in Maine (as do many New Yorkers who use "summer" as a verb) and she gushed about the charm of Castine. She specifically recommended the Pentagoet Inn (B&B), which did not disappoint. Sight unseen, tickets were booked and off we went.

Castine is surrounded by the Penobscot River/Bay. Perched on the tip of the peninsula is the Dyce Head Lighthouse. The grounds (private residence) are beautiful, but the real gem is the footpath that leads to the water. First you walk through the rolling green yard, hike through dense woods, and finally pop out onto a steep wooden staircase leading straight into the bright blue water. Well, straight onto a rocky cliff. It's perfect for adventurous souls to climb around and explore, but when the tide comes crashing in it's not for the faint of heart. If you're up for it, it's breathtaking. {click to tweet and share the adventure}

I will never forget the sunset that night on the rocks, water crashing as the tide rose below. Only in the deserts of the Southwestern United States have I ever experienced the deep silence that also surrounded us that night on the cliff in Maine. It was one of most peaceful vacations I've ever had.


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