Editorial Calendar: Revamp

Hi. How have you been?

It's taken me a while to regroup my work and personal life after returning from Iowa. In the flurry I fell off my editorial calendar bandwagon, as it were. However, since I've been back in town I've also developed some exciting new projects.

Sneak peak: I'm working with Craft Lake City to create two different series for their blog. I'm excited about the opportunity, but it does mean that some of my goals for this blog will be slowed down or put on hold. Details coming soon...

Another sneak peak: I'm going to shift the focus of my madeleines to become a series of curated adventures (note the newly-designed site header...woohoo!). I've learned that I do really well when I have a structure, even more structure than the editorial calendar provided. The structure of The Declaration of You bloglovin' book tour, for example, was great for me. I'll re-do my own editorial calendar to reflect this idea of different series of adventures, and roll out the details soon.

Stay tuned!


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