Channeling mandala energy #mondaymeditation

In last Monday's meditation I reflected on my first-ever painting experience: "I got all precious with each layer and felt attached to each little brush stroke." This specific experience was really a microcosm of my larger focus for this year -- abundance. I'm using painting not only as a way to reignite my creative chutzpah, but also as a way to retrain my mind out of a scarcity paradigm.

I wrote last week: "I'm going to allow my mind to let go of each layer, trusting that another equally beautiful layer is coming right on top of it." As I painted tonight, a sort of movement meditation, I worked my way through all sorts of nuanced thoughts that are part and parcel of my commitment to abundance. I thought about trust, letting go of my sense of control, and allowing energy to flow more freely in and around and through my life.

mise en place

When I was done for the day, I completely painted over the entire canvas with a fresh layer of paint. The red flowers and leaves are gone. The yellow shapes inspired by my kalamkari curtains are gone. Gone. All of it. It was important to me to treat this first layer like a mandala; not in a representational sense, because I wasn't mimicking mandala patterns, but in the sense that when it was complete, it was gone. It was beautiful. It was a creative experience. The colors were lovely. It flowed in and now, it flowed out.

Before I did anything, I set my intention for the piece. then painted right over it.

Trusting that another equally beautiful layer is coming right on top of it, I'll see where tomorrow takes me.


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