There's a time for everything | The Blog Dare Day 6

{PROMPT} That's why we stopped hanging out with them.

I scribbled "BFF" and "TLA" and "stay rad never ever change" and dotted my i's with hearts in as many yearbooks as the next girl, but I'm actually glad to say I've given up on all that. The singular idea of a one and only best friend for life being the "that" to which I'm referring.

I think it's beautiful that we have friendships that ebb and flow. I think it's beautiful that people come in and out of our lives at different times and for different reasons. I believe that speaks more to the strength of friendships than anything. When people are in our lives at specific times to teach us (and for us to teach them) particular lessons and to help each other grow in particular ways, it's important that we honor that moment in time. That specific moment. That specific time. We may not be friends with that person six years or six days from now, but we can learn and love and be with each other now. So let's all do that.

That's all.

TLA Love,

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