The Third Metric | The Blog Dare Day 8

{PROMPT} It was never successful. 

I read an article today that hit me like a ton of bricks. So much wisdom and truth and ah-ha packed into 26 little bullet points. It's meant for women, but I suppose boys can read it, too. The Huff Post held a conference for women last week centered on: "How we can begin to measure success beyond money and power, according to a third metric: well-being." The basic thesis being that the go go go and be everything-to-everyone mindset is slowly killing us, or at least making us crazy. I could not agree more.

I'm in a space right now, a space I created and stepped into about eight months ago, where I'm consciously trying to pull out of a tailspin of stress and expectations and habits and career-is-life lifestyle. Because, for all the success I've had, was it ever really successful? I am successful by many common metrics, and I'm grateful for all that. Graduated high school at 17, BA at 20, career in higher ed right out of the gate, national consulting and speaking circuit for six years, received every grant I've ever applied for (going on 9 at this point), homeowner at 28, MA by 30, Executive Director of my organization, I'm on my third passport, on and on. But at what cost? Based on this third metric idea of well-being, am I actually successful?

If any of that, even a teeny tiny piece resonates with you, read this article. I feel like this article is more proactive than the other one that also hit me like a ton of bricks. They feel like bookends. Both are very important pieces to me. I can't tell you how many times I've read Altucher's Tech Crunch article on why 2013 is the year I'll quit my job (aka every morning in the office at my desk while I eat my Chobani and granola), but this third metric article feels different somehow. Maybe I'm not quite ready yet for Altucher's radical call to action (though I very nearly have it memorized), but I am definitely ready to redefine success in my life.



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