The Blog Dare begins...

So I attended a Blog Brunch event this past weekend...and somewhere in the shuffle of 10,482 cascading tweets, I found The Blog Dare. Or they found me. Or something. Who knows, it was all such a flurry. Anyway, they create a series of daily prompts that move you through an entire year of blogging. Also, you don't have to be a mom to participate in the Dare (which you may assume, as I first did, from their website and marketing). 

I'm going to use today's prompt as a way to make a commitment to this crazy notion of blogging daily. I want to try this project on for size and this is why:

{PROMPT} Now, if you'll excuse me...

I'm putting aside my expectations and self-imposed limitations and compulsive manifestations of perfection // I'm getting out of my head and forcing myself into my fingers, going with my gut, speaking from the heart, doing anything but over thinking it // I'm practicing and practicing because even the things we love to do take some doing and it's not going to do it itself // I will stop telling you how much I love blogging only to contradict my passion with a once every not so often post sandwiched between business trips and deadlines and commitments and look at that, Passion, it's been months // Now, if you'll excuse me, they might be sloppy, brilliant, hilarious beyond belief, sad, or total shit, but they will be. And that's the point. 

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