Owning it | The Blog Dare Day 4

{PROMPT} I used to take care of...

Everything and everyone. All of it. It was all somehow my responsibility. 

I'm not saying that's logical. It never was and I always knew it. But I still never flipped the script. 

I've been taking better care of myself as of late. It's been a conscious commitment. And it's been difficult. I've been nurturing my spirit and creative soul in ways that I haven't done in years. Maybe ever. 

I've finally started owning what does and doesn't fulfill me. And acting on it. 

I took a big step this week. I pulled out of a national publishing deal at work. The publication would've amazing for my resume. It would've been outstanding for my organization. It dovetailed with a number of other initiatives that are in motion and the politically savvy decision was to stick with it and grind it out. 

But here's the thing...

I knew how much energy it would take from me. I knew I wanted that energy reserved for other projects. I also knew that my resume is already incredible and my organization is already strong. I will create the political cache in other ways. This wasn't the way. 

I sent a short, polite email to the publishers and it was done. I instantly felt lighter. 

If you told me even six months ago that I would do something like this, I would've blown you off and insisted you didn't know me very well. 

So, I guess, meet the new me. 


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