OM | The Blog Dare Day 13

{PROMPT} It's your call. 

I started a meditation practice this week. I'm on day six and I'm really taking to it. The overarching theme, at least the theme that's resonating most with me, is the idea that meditation doesn't actually bring you peace.

Wait. Say what?

Nope. Meditation does not actually attract calm, shiny, nirvana love and light into your life.

When we sit still long enough to quiet our energy and finally get our mind to chill out, we feel more peaceful and calm and joyful and all that. Of course we do. But...that's not something we went out and found or even something we attracted to our life. It is our natural state. We uncovered it. All we managed to do through meditation is clear out all the crap that's cluttering our every day life, everything that's preventing us from living in our chilled out natural state. Meditation, then, is the practice of letting go of anything that disturbs your natural state.

Sure, you're saying right about now, that's obvious. How are you just now learning this, you moron, you may also be saying. Listen. Here's the deal: We tend to associate peace and calm with an achievement, with movement, with seeking and searching and finding it. Think Eat, Pray, Love. Searching. Movement. Active. Go find it. We move we go we travel we pursue peace and we pursue calm. We do this in so many different many ways. I mean, hell, I did it when I signed up for the Chopra Center program. I was moving, I was searching, and I was active in my attempt to find a peaceful calm.

Now - compare that to my realization I shared earlier:

Mediation is being still long enough to clear your mind of everything that prevents you from living in your natural state of calm. 

That is so full of hope. That puts me in such a state of optimism and rainbows. Think about's already here. I already have it. Granted, I have quite a lot of proverbial crap to clear out of the way, but at least I know that at my core I'm calm. Not just on vacation and not just on lazy weekends. All the time. It's in there.

Dear Self, you can keep trucking as is, or you can finally tune in. It's your call.


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